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0202*2020 ~The Great Portal of "I AM"

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Sunday’s date is a rare mirror image, extra-special palindrome Date that will not happen again until 03 03 3030. But why is it so important? This particular date is a portal and is considered the "YOSOY" ( Yo soy) or what is translated to the "I AM" portal. It represents the Oneness of all things, it represents Our true connection as being part of that Great "I Am." It represents that there is no separation between I, and the Rest of this Universe.

This is the opposite energy of the self. The Great "I AM" Energy is balanced with this entire Universe as the One.

This extra-special portal also has extra special Energies to match.

According to numerologists this particular date of 0202 2020 carries with it the feminine creative energies of manifestation and is a very powerful date giving us an opportunity to actually manifest what we want into our reality. But if you are not in alignment with the Unity energies your attempts to manifest selfishly will not succeed. We as True Lightworkers must understand that any time we become selfish, we are no longer working for the Light. It is about manifesting for the betterment of All involved. UNITY is not about self, it's the care and compassion for All.

This date also is in the representation of infinity or eternal, meaning that whatever is created will be permanent within our reality. If the vibrations are not in alignment with Universal Energies of Oneness and Unity, it will not manifest into this reality. So this is the reason the dark is trying to have you focus on the lower vibrations of separation, hate, and disorder.

Because 0202 2020 is a mirror image date, you will see yourself in the Mirror of creation, You will see where you are out of balance, with this Universe. Our truth will be seen with our own eyes. If you are focused on separating yourself for whatever reason, you will see this, it's up to you to change your own thoughts and actions. This portal will make the difference whether you are excepting the UNITY energies or not. The world stage wants us to focus the separation energies through their politics or religions. This is done intentionally, to keep us from ascending into the higher consciousness. Keeping us in the Lower vibrations of anger, fear, and hate.

This portal will show us what is out of balance within our own mind, spirit, and body. If you are still service to self this portal will be difficult for you. It's time to heal the disconnection of humanity. We for so long have been in the dark cycle of separation. The EGO was created to protect us from each other and our enslavers, But, the ego is now what blocks us from the Higher light. The higher vibrations of Love and Unity is the opposite of Fear and Ego.

Humanity has to make a choice between separation through Politics, Religion, and Culture, or, See us all as One. Oneness is the energy of "I AM."

As you examine yourself and you find that you are not in alignment with oneness, you must let go of all things causing you to separate yourself, this includes things you can not change, such as politics and world issues. We tend to want to focus on things we can not change ourselves, Right now politics are in an uproar. But, We as the People have no control over what happens within the Government, unless you have a JOB within the Government. But we are being bombarded with Separation Energies from Both Sides. it is all "Just a show" to keep you in these negative vibrations. The far-Right has even told you it is "Just a Show." So don't let yourself get worked up about things you can not change, or do anything about.

Now, however, there are things we can change, about ourselves and our own personal worlds, and through the collective of Humanity. If you are in the vibrations of Unity, you are working WITH Universal Energy, not against it.

Therefore you can send Love and Light to those in the midst, of the separation energies. We can Help our Brothers and Sisters who are still in those lower vibrations. As we send Unity vibration during this Portal it will help bring peace to this land and the world. This is Our power as Lightworkers. We are not our political point of view, we are not our religious point of view, we are One Humanity, connected to the One Source, That is The Law of One. That Is The Great "I AM."

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