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7 Ascension Markers that lead to your purpose (from resistance to acceptance to purpose)

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There are 7 shifts in being that lead to your purpose, each of these 7 steps take you into exploration of yourself. Personal development, inward focus, these are the known tools of the ascension pioneer who is shifting from a 3D consciousness to a 5D consciousness. This conversation is going to go far beyond those tools and into some magnificent, insightful steps that you may already be taking. step 1 06:44 step 2 07:25 step 3 09:00 step 4 10:00 step 5 11:00 step 6 12:15 step 7 13:21 Join my online community, the Plasma Light Tribe or ​ I meet with my community in a live coaching session every week, when you join you will receive your open invitation to join those calls, watch the replays and most importantly, unlimited access to our library of past calls, meditations and activations. _______________________________________________________________________ access my free guided meditation "The Cosmic Kiss" here: ________________________________________________________________________ RECOMMENDED WORK: advance your spiritual journey here _______________________________________________________________________ THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS!! Donations: _______________________________________________________________________ Social media: Instagram: iamkerryk tiktok: iamkerryk my website With love Kerry K #lifepurpose #consciousness​ #ascension​ #5D #higherwisdom #spiritualwisdom #currentenergy #currentenergies #soulwisdom #higherconsciousness