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Seven things to expect as we get closer to the Ascension Line. Things are changing, there is no doubt, but what is changing and how is it changing and more importantly, how does this affect you. Well, join me to find out. 1. Why the focus is not on healing anymore 2. Why things are weird and about to get weirder 3. Why your sense are more sensitive 3.1 Sensitivity outside the physical senses 4. Why you can't interfere with the Universes plan for you 5. Why it feels heavy when others relate to your past self 6. Why your tastes are changing 7. Why you don't want to be around people Join my online community, the Plasma Light Tribe or ​ I meet with my community in a live coaching session, there at least 4 events per month from Soul Readings, to Q&A, meditation and more. Find out more here _______________________________________________________________________ access my free guided meditation "The Cosmic Kiss" here: _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS!! Donations: _______________________________________________________________________ Social media: Instagram: @iamkerryk or Tik Tok: @iamkerryk or my website With love Kerry K


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The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 1 What's Really Happening behind the Curtain -