9+ New StarGate Codes Activated This Week

A message from Lisa Transcendence Brown.

July 29, 2018.

We are in heightened/hyper photonic frequencies daily now, where each's own self-awareness, self-accountability and self-mastery are KEY.

Increasing photonic activity exacerbates, makes distortions more visible/louder, for each to go within to SEE and clear that programming from within.

Collective akashic clearings, deep inner-matrix re-workings continue to increase daily, as any old ego/linear constructs continually dissolve. Ego aspects rampant, in an attempt to lash out, out of fear of loss of control, seeking attention... all a part of this process... and easy to shift when you can see "clear"ly and don't hold that duality inside anymore.

Collective askashic clearings mean all occurs on a GRANDER SCALE. So, what used to be just one, here or there, or a few... multiply that by the entire world now... amplified distortions as illusory beliefs/realities exacerbate, FOR THE ENERGY that" allowed "that" to be REALity, to become more visible/seen/resolved from within.

Some will notice nothing, others will notice everything, some just here and there.... as all is relative to perspectives and how each "views the current realty/world"... through their own lenses. Fractaled or as a part of the whole... to blame or as the purpose/point... to appreciate as a gift or to see as the fault.... perspectives are everything here. The more you expand your perspectives, the more you can see, the easier all is to maneuver/shift.

Our own perspectives determine how we each experience, how we greet each day, how we treat each other, view others "actions" and how we deal/do/embrace.

We've entered a "new passageway" that will continue through this Lion's Gateway Opening, with new Star(Gate) Codes/Coordinates dialed in/released two days ago (on the Eclipse). These can cycle many through old dimensional timelines/programs, clearing anything within that represented any duality still. Full presence/awareness and choosing to resolve/dissolve inside is KEY. The "triggers" will be as "huge/big/small/minimal" as the energy/program is.

Are you able to BE YOUR BRIGHTEST LIGHT (no matter what)... and keep your mind and heart open at all times now?

Many will see a lot of judgment-slinging, lots of hurt feelings, lots of fear surfacing as inner-ego-matrixes continue to dissolve and collapse. If/where we are unconscious, we will focus on the outside. avoid, resist, get defensive, enter into judgment and blame or "not enough" scenarious. If/where we are conscious, we will go inside instead and shift all vibrationally ourselves. No one said it was easy, because it's not, at first, because of how deep the programming was embedded within us all. It can be easier, yet our ego doesn't choose the "easy" path, because there are still unconscious programs "inside/in the way", that we believe, feed, hold onto... until we choose to not do this anymore.

These TIMELINE SPLITS CONTINUE to expand, collapse and criss-cross as we go. Some moments the old not visible at all, some days, every moment magical, then we shift and move into a contraction phase of clearing. The beauty is that the moment we see the program/belief and choose to collapse it our-self, it can clear within us, so that we can further expand again.... the faster we process/resolve/dissolve/move-through and unify inside, the "faster" our magic/joy/bliss returns, the "faster" we are able to re-focus our energy on intentionally creating again and anchoring more Heaven on Earth Experiences for all of us here. As Multi-Dimensionals, we all have the capability to do this INSTANTLY... through our own full consciousness here, so we never shift out of our magical, happy, blissful space. We can still function from this space and clear the ridiculous programs as they present, without ever missing a beat.

On the flip side of duality, we have the most beautiful energies, exchanges, unions and experiences with those/all embracing NEW EARTH as our HOME and LIVING this in every way. We all realize the importance of our own roles here, fulfilling these however our current moment presents. Uniting here and there along the way, some finding there are common purposes/goals that can be fulfilled easier together, with everyone contributing and working together ... synchronized and with ease. Keep REMEMBERING and anchoring your own Heaven on Earth, as you fulfill your own service roles here. It's beyond appreciated, visible and important too!

Cosmic Energy

We had 2 days of calm, quiet energies as we integrated and prepared to get busy again. Today we are in high-charging photons again, weakening the linear body for our Quantum Plasma Crystalline LightBody to integrate/recode/re-calibrate/reconstruct/re-everything.... for us all. More ancient knowledge centers being opened up, veils dissolving and our bodies acclimating to hold/handle more as LOVE.

Doing soooo much in our sleep state as well, working/clearing/resolving and playing out distorted timelines there too, immense clearing of individual/collective akashes there too, we often awaken exhausted, because of how much we are consciously doing in both the waking and sleep state (and vice-versa). It takes awhile for our bodies to "wake up" (for our consciousness to return to our bodies), so that we can function in these open-eyed realities/physical dimensions that we all live in here. The more multi-dimensional we are, the more our consciousness is always working in all of these other realities/timelines simultaneously too, so there are days that we can barely function in this physical reality, while other days we can Quantum produce/accomplish in all of them at warp speed... Every moment is different, as every moment our cosmic frequencies are shifting... therefore we are too.

Ultra High frequency symphonics continue to sing ♫♫♫ and harmonize all, as these pristine cosmic energies available in every moment are beyond. Tune in deeply and hear/feel/see/connect.... It's brilliantly exquisite to experience and will support you in moving through your every moment as more love here too! ♥

Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers (all of us), stabilize, synchronize, integrate and hold the highest everything for all to align easier for you/all here. ♥

I love and appreciate you and all that you do/are too!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Thank you for Watching Universal Lighthouse. In Love and Light.

Source Link: https://spiritlibrary.com/lisa-transcendence-brown/9-new-stargate-codes-activated-this-week

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