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Alien Abductions | The Watchers, UFOs & The Nephilim Giants. Full Documentary

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The idea of E.T human abduction and hybridization seems so out there seems so extreme that we really struggle to process it. ..🔵Thanks to Our Sponsor: Surf Shark VPN: Go to 👉 Enter promo code 5thkind for 83% off and 3 extra months free! ..but as soon as you go to the world's mythologies to our ancestral narratives you realize that that is probably one of the most widely recurring themes of all our ancient stories of et contact The ancient narrative of human e.t hybridization is probably best known from the story of the bible it is told in genesis 6 when the bene Elohim ones like the powerful ones come down to planet earth to abduct human females their interbreeding produces a lineage called the Nephilim the giants of legend The author of genesis 6 in the Hebrew canon and the author of the letter of Jude in the new testament both assume that their readers are familiar with another famous text the book of Enoch a text to be found today in the Ethiopian orthodox canon of the bible the book describes the abductions referenced in genesis 6 in even greater detail it names those doing the abducting as watchers and describes how they had transgressed fundamental ethics governing relationships with the human race arriving from somewhere among the stars to begin their program are producing hybrid offspring Josephus the Jewish historian of the first century of the common era appeals to this scriptural episode to explain the presence of giants in his own day as well as through the annals of history Josephus understood the Jewish tradition to be only one iteration of this legend of human hybridization with advanced beings specifically Josephus identifies the ancient Greek legends as vehicles of the same memory the Greek name for these hybrids was titans these strange notes sound again in ancient Indian, Norse and Celtic narratives. Ancient Egyptian and native American traditions hinted something similar.. Get Your Copy of Echoes of Eden by Paul Wallis Here ! USA 👉 🔵 UK 👉 🔵 Check Out our official website 👉 🔵Paul Wallis YouTube Channel 👉 🔵 Paul Wallis Books 👉 🔵5th Kind YouTube Channel 👉 🔵5th Kind Clips 👉 🔵Find Us on Facebook 👉 🔵Follow US on Twitter 👉 🔵Support Our Work Us On Patreon 👉 🔵Paul Wallis Website 👉