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An Ancient USO/UFO has been Discovered in The Bermuda Triangle

An Ancient USO/UFO has been Discovered in The Bermuda Triangle.

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A Discovery Channel treasure hunter has made an astonishing 'unexplained' discovery deep beneath the Bermuda Triangle that he believes could provide the first evidence of an extra-terrestrial visit to earthThousands of years ago.

Explorer Darrell Miklos has been using secret maps created by his close friend and famed NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper to find shipwrecks in the Caribbean.

Gordon Cooper successfully piloted the Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7 Spacecraft around the Earth 22 times in 1963 paving the way for men to reach the Moon.

He was a pioneer who became the first American to sleep in space and the first to fly twice.

He was also the first American televised from space.

But as well as researching the limits of human endurance he was also charged with a secret spy mission while in orbit.

Using special 'long range detection equipment' Cooper was asked by the US government to look for 'nuclear threats' - which likely meant Russian submarines or nuclear missile sites.

But Miklos says Cooper - an avid treasure hunter - also noted the positions of Caribbean shipwrecks while he conducted this spy mission, and created a map on his return to Earth.

The shipwreck hunter claims long time friend Cooper gave him the maps - which included detailed charts and exact coordinates - after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and then died in 2004 aged 77.

Darrell Miklos amazing discoveries have featured over two seasons of hit Discovery Channel docuseries Cooper's Treasure.

But in recent months his team stumbled on something that he believes will shock the world.

Cooper's maps led Miklos to dozens of other significant ship wrecks across the Caribbean worth millions of dollars.

But with this latest discovery the Californian is conscious of being labeled 'crazy' by coming out with wild claims that Cooper's map might now have led him to an alien spaceship submerged under the ocean.

That's why he says he wants to remain 'neutral' until he can investigate the mysterious site further.

'The bottom line is that Cooper spotted anomalies and it is his maps that led Darrell to this discovery.

'Cooper was a reliable source for treasure, then based on his findings Darrell found something that does not appear to be a shipwreck or anything that anybody has ever seen.

'We want to find out exactly what it is and establish whether it ties in with Cooper's belief that we're not alone.'

Darrell Miklos and his team discovered the USO (unidentified submerged object) in the Bermuda Triangle close to the Bahamas. He spotted the large obtrusion's while exploring the area in a submersible looking for shipwrecks. 'I was trying to identify shipwreck material based on one of the anomaly readings on Gordon's charts when I noticed something that stuck out, that shocked me,' said Miklos in an exclusive interview with

Miklos, 55, described what he found while filming episode seven of Cooper's Treasure and tells how he and his team want to bring the 'alien spaceship' to the surface. He Claims, 'It was a formation unlike anything I've ever seen related to shipwreck material, it was too big for that. 'It was also something that was completely different from anything that I've seen that was made by nature'

Horizontal cylinder structures jut out from this large dome feature at the center of the site. Geophysicists on the team report that the coral covering these structures appears to be more than 5000 years old.

. Because of the extreme currents at the location it's almost impossible for coral to grow at all, let alone into a anything this large

These horizontal structures are massive, each measures as much as 300 feet straight out, the length of a US football field. The explorer also found other bizarre and unexplained formations around the main object, all of which are covered in thick coral which he believes are hundreds if not thousands of years old

The entire site's diameter is some 600 feet - the length of two football fields.

The huge unidentified submerged object (USO) has 15, 300ft long obtrusion's jutting from its side.

Miklos and his team want to bring the 'alien spaceship' to the surface.

Blown away by the discovery, when back on board his ship, Miklos decided to dig further into Cooper's files to find further clues.

Significantly, the astronaut Gordon had written 'unidentified object' on the chart of the area rather than mentioning any historical shipwreck.

'I investigated some of Gordon's charts, I realized that there was something else on there that Gordon was referring to,' he said.

'Then it made sense to me why it wasn't identified as a shipwreck... he had to mean it might be something from another world.

'Gordon believed in aliens. He believed that we had visitors from other planets and he also believed that a lot of these things landed in this particular part of the world.'

Miklos believes this amazing discovery could provide the first evidence of an extra-terrestrial visit to earth hundreds of years ago.

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