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An Interview with an Annunaki Hybrid

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50,829 views Premiered Oct 31, 2022

@UAMN TV Courtesy of Portal to Ascension , in partnership with The UFOlogy World Congress - Linda Moulton Howe interviews Marina, a Starseed human hybrid who has had contact with extraterrestrial beings since the age of six. Marina describes her many encounters with these beings and understanding of her place here on Earth. Are some humans placed here on our planet as hybrids and if so, what are their duties, why are they here? Linda Moulton Howe dives straight into it and asks some very important questions. Follow Linda’s work @Earthfiles This channel is managed by Zohar Entertainment Group UK, Zohar Entertainment Group International Inc, USA and AdRev, USA.


The Extraterrestrial Interference Series.

Part 1 What's Really Happening behind the Curtain -

Part 2 The Good The Bad and the Ugly -

Part 3 Truth is Stranger than Fiction