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Ancient Native American "Star Map" Found

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Native Americans have many legends of UFOs and aliens or Star People. Ancient Cave Paintings and Strange artifacts litter the southwest, proving that contact with other-worldly beings had been made, in early American History. Almost every Native American tribe has a rich history of interaction with Sky People or Star People.

In Utah's Nine Mile Canyon lies the heaviest concentration of what seems to be Alien and UFO Cave Paintings and Carvings in the world.

Nine Mile Canyon is a canyon, approximately 40 miles (64 km) long, located in the counties of Carbon and Duchesne in eastern Utah, in the Western United States. Promoted as "the world’s longest art gallery", the canyon is known for its extensive rock art.

There are at least an estimated 1,000 rock art sites in the canyon, with more than 10,000 individual images.

But what makes these carvings and Paintings so amazing, is what the Ancients actually Carved.

Most of the Carvings depict alien type creatures and flying machines. But amongst those fantastic finds, Archaeologists recently have discovered and deciphered an Ancient Star map. It seems to prove that Early Hopi and Ute Natives knew how to keep a record of Star patterns and formations.