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Are Crystals Alive?

“there is a quality of life and intelligence to all matter. The living universe.” ~ Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), cosmological theorist, philosopher, mathematician and poet, burned at the stake due to his controversial views and heresy.


In today's world we see a very big demand for crystals. Especially through the spiritual communities. Everyone finds them very beautiful, and they can be energized with whatever energies you wish to work with. But is crystals a living consciousness? We know that quartz can hold data, and therefore can be used in our technology and we know that they actually grow.

Crystals most definitely have a “lively” energy. Even Like other living beings on planet earth, they do require a source of food (Minerals), helping them form and grow. They radiate at high vibrations, and never know death.

Just like water they can hold memory or information.


One of the main differences is that Stones are always hard while a Rock can be hard or soft. Both are formed from minerals. Crystals are a solid material comprised of ions, atoms and molecules that are arranged in a repeating pattern to become solid. ... So a Clear Quartz is not a Rock or a is a Crystal.


Now lets look at the 7 Hermetic Laws. Number 1 is Hermetic Law of Mind; all is mind and everything is energy.

If you study crystals you’ll realize that they effortlessly express beauty, form & consciousness in a geometric way. This is a method of communication, and may be THE PREFERRED universal method of communication.

If we take a look at the evidence for how the first DNA strand (a sacred spiral) came into existence – that spiral seems to have actually evolved from a crystal prototype or an actual crystal itself!  – more specifically actually a clay-silicon-included crystal. (Silicon is a basic ingredient of quartz.) Silicon actually grows in a spiral.

It grows in a spiral.

So does DNA, which is also Crystalline in nature.