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Are you being Spiritually Attacked or Psychically Triggered? Love is the Key.

It really doesn’t matter what others may say, the truth is, and we all know it... there is unseen interference, especially if you are an active “Light”worker.

These unseen or invisible beings have been spoken about in many ancient documents. These beings are often referred to as spirits, demons, entities, minions, jinn, reptilian, genies, and even some alien, or multidimensional (Not all extraterrestrials or multidimensional have a dark agenda). No matter what you choose to call them, there are some that are here to stop the spiritual growth of humanity. This is their total purpose. This is an ancient agenda to control and enslave the human soul forever.

Whether we wish to except it or not, the battle between Light and Dark has always existed. Many try to find a middle path, but it just doesn’t work. The reason is because of the constant spiritual attacks you receive from the dark side. There is no middle ground to stand on. The dark entities that surround us, have no desire to compromise. We are their life source, we are their food. The lower the emotions they can create in you, the better for them. They literally eat our negative energy. they absorb it as food. Fear is their desired energy level. They will attach themselves to any one who is of lower vibration, and projecting negative emotions. In many cases these entities can stay with a person their entire life.

The higher the vibration you become the harder it is for these entities to attack you, but they will try and keep you down in some way or another, a lot of times by using other people around you who are of lower vibration. They even use things like social media, politics and world views to get us emotional.

If you are a happy, loving, and giving person, you are of no use to them. So they will attack you or other people around you to cause chaos within your life. This way they divide and separate you from your love ones. This tactic is essential for there plan to work. Once they have you to where you feel vulnerable, and in fear, they attack you in all aspects of your life.

Alcohol is the biggest and fastest way to lower your vibration very quickly. Spirits then can attach themselves more easily to the victim. This is why it was called spirits. It has been a tool of the dark for a very long time.

The secret to clearing these dark energies and entities from your life is Love!!!

Many understand that there is unseen interference, but just don’t know how to truly clear it from your life.

A lot of people know to use white sage, but there is more to it, then burning a little sage every time you feel attacked or triggered. Sage will remove it for the moment but only while the smoke is in the room. You must use your own power... the energy of “Love”.

As you are clearing a room think only loving thoughts, truly try and LOVE the entity while you are demanding it to leave. You must know your own power. You are very powerful and you can demand these beings leave you alone. But it must be done through Love. When done through fear or hate it is useless, they just adsorb these lower energies, and continue to attack you. When you project Heart felt Love towards these beings they can not be near us, Love is the Key to removing these dark energies. To understand how to do this one must understand that the being doesn’t know any better, and doesn’t understand our connection to the All, therefore is unaware of their own connection with the All. We Must forgive them for they know not what they do. By harming us they harm themselves. As we project the Energy of Love, they can not and will not stay around you. Then with this same force of Love Place a bubble of energy around you and your home. Do this as often as needed.

Remember you are a very powerful being, much more powerful then the beings who hide in the shadows who are trying to control us. They do not want you to know your own power. because once you know your truth, they can no longer have "power" over you.

In this moment we are raising in consciousness and vibration, some of us now are able to see these negative energies that attack us with our physical eyes. As we raise in vibration we are physically changing. Our bodies are slowly becoming Light bodies. The dark won’t be able to hide in the shadows any longer, The Light is Here.

Much Love and Many Blessings

Universal Lighthouse


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