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Are You Creating Negative Karma Through Social Media?

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Are You Creating Negative Karma Through Social Media?

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

What crazy energies. These Changes we are experiencing is the healing of ancient wounds and karma. To awaken into the higher consciousness, we must heal the old patterns of the Ego. Some of these ancient patterns are passed from life to life. The egoic mindset is what causes us to get triggered or reactive about different situations and events. In most cases when we are triggered, we lash out in anger or we "delete" and "block" everything and everyone out of our lives. The issue with this type of reaction, you are not learning the lesson needed for the situation to be cleared, plus you in anger could create negative Karmic energies for yourself. Therefore you stay within the karmic cycle of the lower emotional vibrations. What happens is then repeat similar experiences from one relationship or event to another. Many of us have been there, why does this always have to happen to me? type of experiences. These are the lessons we are having trouble learning.

You see there are a few things at play here.

Its a Mix of Our Emotions, Words, Thoughts, Responses, and our Actions and Reactions that All send out Vibrations to this Universe.

Lets look within our self to see whats happening.

When we get triggered by something, that means that something in our out side world did not resonate with us some how. But why?

Lets take for example, that You read a social media Post, I use this example because of the social medias attempt at controlling humanities way of thinking. That Media Post did not match your personal way of thinking, so you get triggered by it, you make a rude or mean comment, maybe put a thumbs down or an angry face, or Block it or Delete it. In some extreme cases maybe you even delete the person. At any time in doing this did you think about Love?

When we project anger we are sending that out to the universe as something we wish to express. So this Universe sees that energy, and reflects it back to you as more things to be angry at. The Universe is impartial, it does not see Energy as Low or High. It just reflects it back to you as what it thinks you wish to experience. Karma means action so what action you put out, you will receive back whether that's what you would consider as good Karma, or Bad. This is Natural Universal Law.

If something triggers you then this is where you personally need the work on your own Spiritual Growth.

Most of the time when we are triggered, it is something that someone else says or does that causes us to react negatively.

What we need to remember is that each and every person on this planet has freewill. If you infringe upon anyone's freewill, you will create negative karma for yourself. There is nothing wrong with removing yourself from the situation if your freewill is being infringed upon. And there is nothing wrong with just removing yourself because the situation does not resonate with you.

However with that being said, what energies we should be projecting in those moments should be Love, not hate, separation, fear, or disrespect. The social medias today gives you all kinds of emotions (Emoticon, Emoji) to send towards others. By Sending negative feed back to anyone just for them expressing there freewill, you can be creating your own negative karma.

If you are doing the spiritual work for this ascension, you must rethink before you react within these social networks, And any other situation you may be in. Every experience or lesson is about Love one way or another. So keep this in mind when on social media, good karma can also come from your positive responses to others.

The only way to learn the lessons for your spiritual awakening is to become centered within the heart. This can fly out the door if you get triggered at the wrong time by some post that is someone else's expression for the day. So what happens is we end up lowering our vibration and may even be causing our self problems with negative karma.

We know that keeping our vibration high is important in these moments. If you are projecting negativity, you will receive negativity, this is Universal Law. As we move into the higher Light, we must learn the lessons of Love, which is, Forgiveness, Compassion, Giving, Gratitude, Respect, and Care. By projecting these energies, and learning these lessons, you are within The Light of Service to Others, which is Unconditional Love.

The Ones who wished control, have used our emotions against us. The more angry, fearful, hateful, and separated they can make us, the better for their agenda of stopping this ascension. Fear is the darks biggest weapon against the Light and this ascension. They are continuing to amp up the Fear, hate and war mongering to sway the vibrations of the planet. But there attempts are now in vain. The Earth has made the choice to ascend into the higher density, She is doing so. But they continue to try and Stop you from keeping your emotions high to meet your own personal ascension. They are really working hard to do this with things like the Plandemic, and the push of the "V". But their time is up. The Ascension is well underway. The Heart chakra is being opened for many now who's higher-self has gave them the push. You will begin to see many, who lived in the lower emotions, begin to rise to the higher frequencies of Love. Love is the Way of The New Earth of Light.

Others who will wish to stay within the lower vibrations and emotions, will fall deeper into their darkness, they will begin to be removed from the planet one way or another.

The whole point of the 3D reality was to raise ourselves out of it back into the Light. Through the Lessons of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Giving, Gratitude, Respect, and Service to Others, We ascend into The Higher Densities of Light. We need to Remember that Karmic energies are neither good nor bad, but are what we are projecting to this universe, and then the universe responds back with a reflection of our true intentions.

and so it is, and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @


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