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Are You Experiencing "The Strangeness"? Stepping Through the Doorways of the Dimensions.

Are You Experiencing "The Strangeness"? Stepping through the Doorways of the Dimensions.

The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

As this Ascension continues to move us out of darkness, we are experiencing what I am being shown as Dimensional Doorways, or portals, where the veil is very thin or nonexistent. In some cases We can see into these other dimensions, or we experience an actual interaction through these dimensional doorways. This is happening more often, for many of us. We are finding ourselves bewildered or baffled by strange and unusual occurrences that just can't be explained.

For the last Month or so, strangeness has become the Normal for David and I. From experiencing strange noises, to straight up dimensional crossing, where objects you have never seen before just appear out of no where.

Just day before yesterday I had this type of strange occurrence. We had been having these weird things happen for a while, and one of them was that I had put a new Light over my alter and twice it had fell and hit my Sage bowl knocking sage everywhere. So in the process of cleaning the mess, I had to move everything. During the cleaning I was chanting my prayer to bring in the Light to clear any unwanted energies. Also during the Prayer, I was holding what I refer to as my Bouquet of Feathers.

It's a Large plume mixed with Owl, Hawk, Falcon, Raven, and Vulture Feathers. I had just wiped the Table clean, and turned my back still in prayer. When I turned back around A beautiful White Feather about 3 to 4 inches long lay perfectly where I had just cleaned. I did not have a White feather on my alter at all. I would have known it being there because I consider them very sacred within my Mysticism practices. The Feather was a very clear and direct Message from the Karistus or who most know as the Angels, that they are here and working right along side of me in protecting Humanity and this planet.

These dimensional Doorways seem to appear during the vibrational shifts we are experiencing. For example, when we are in lower emotions or vibration we tend to receive negative reaction from the doorways. The higher in vibration you become, the more positive interaction with the dimensions happens. We must remember that we are steady now within the 4th meaning we can move either direction, higher or lower within the Dimensions.

The Interaction between the dimensions is becoming much easier. We are being reminded to remember our Multidimensional selves. We too can reach into the higher dimensions. A part of us is already there in the form of our Higherself. As we move closer to the higher spectrum of light. we are beginning to truly embody our higher being. This embodiment brings forward our higher light abilities, which includes our multidemsionality, and many of our other abilities, we are not even aware of yet.

Humanity is beginning to experience a lot of strangeness, and science will not be able to explain any of it because This is a Quantum Experience. We are Stepping Through the Doorways of the Dimensions. Those of us who wish to pass through these doorways into the Higher Light, will begin to embrace the strangeness, and remember that we are in the midst of transformation. These experiences are nothing to be feared, This is what we came to Earth, to do. By staying within the higher vibrations and nulling the negative emotions, we will move gracefully through the Doorways of the dimensions. What a wonderful adventure, as we step into the unknown.

and so it is and it is so.