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Are You Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose? - Cosmic Light Forecast for the 11th-Equinox

Are You Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose? - Cosmic Light Forecast for the 11th to Equinox

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Cosmic Light Energies for Now until the Equinox are going to be very Transformative and Bring you face to face with your true Divine Purpose here on Earth.

The Cosmic Energies from our Star is still very active. On The 10th we received what is referred to as a C Class Butterfly Flare, that spread out through our solar system. I found that very sychronistic to the Energies we are receiving from our Moon. It is all going to be about Transformation and Fulfilling your Truth.

For the Next Few Days, the Moon will be in the Waning Phase in Scorpio, which creates the need to dive into your feelings and emotions as deep as possible.

The Angels are reminding us that During these very important moments of Our ascension, Our Focus should be on our Emotions. Learning to let go of the lower vibrational emotions that no longer serve us within these higher energies, and Embracing the Love vibrations of Compassion, Care, and Gratitude.

The Pisces Energies of March Gives a sense of justice, social conscience and willingness to help others. These wonderful energies are giving us the Sense of Unity that's needed to Make the Jump into the 5th Dimensional consciousness. We May also feel the Need to express our Personal truth and to stand up for what we believe. The Collective is becoming more aware and awake, and now are beginning to make their voices heard. These energies will push that vibration throughout the rest of March.

On The 13 The Moon will move into Sagittarius. These Energies will bring in the Vibrations of Stepping up to your Mission as Earth Angels. Your Mission here is Unique and very Important. Each One of us are here for very special reasons within this time of our Earth ascension. Only you can know what your Personal Mission is. Many of us are Energy Warriors or Channelers, while Others may be more hands on in changing this World. Each One of has their Own Path That leads to their fulfilled purpose. Your Journey is your own.

The Moon will stay in Sagittarius until the 15th when it will enter Capricorn.

These Capricorn Energies will enhance the Need to Embrace your Mission here on Earth. Our Goal as the 144,000 Earth Angels is To Embody our truth and embrace our divine purpose, whatever that may be.

These Beautiful Energies will last until the end of the Day on the 17th when The Moon will Enter Aquarius. The Energies of Aquarius will bring to Us the Feeling of Emotional Freedom. No Fear, No Anger, No Jealousy, No Selfishness and No Unworthiness. The need to release these lower vibrations and achieve Peace will be of Focus.

Then The Moon will Enter Pisces on the 19th These Energies can throw you a curveball and yank that pedestal out from under you and cause you to feel insecure. Balance yourself with creativity and Meditation. By being