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Are You Fully Awakened Yet?

Are You Fully Awakened Yet?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Cosmic Energies we are experiencing are giving us a big Boost to face the very important times ahead. This is bringing with it an acceleration in this ascension. What is also happening is Disclosure unlike we have ever experienced before. For many years, Disclosure has been the big focus But Now, The Matrix is crumbling right before our Eyes. We Did It! This is happening because of all the Energy Work that You as Lightworkers have done over the last several years. This has been a massive effort on all of our parts to bring us to this point in our ascension. No One Person or One Channel has had all of the information. Every one of us has our own piece to this grand puzzle of our existence. And each one of us is important in this Awakening. If anyone tells you differently or is actively trying to discredit other channels so you no longer listen to their content, They themselves are the false prophets. So stay alert.

There has been an active effort by the dark ones to disrupt the lightworker communities. Recently it's by verbally attacking each other and making horrible claims about one another. If it's not one thing it is another. The many followers will jump from one channel to the next trying to find the truth, and they then totally abandon certain channels just because someone else told them to. This all started several years ago. The Lightworkers were doing their energy work and were actually making a big difference in changing the world. As soon as the Dark Ones saw this was taking place, they began infiltrating the lightworker groups that had formed. That wasn't enough to stop us however. We continued doing the work of the light. The dark ones even has personally attacked us physically and psychically. And yes this still is taking place, and will until we have totally transformed into 5th density. But, The Lightworker prevails. We continue to do what we came here to do.

What is a true Lightworker?

They are the ones who have awakened to the truth of ""Who"" they are. Many have partly awakened to the disclosure because it's interesting to them. However most stop there and refuse to awaken any further. To awaken to "who" you are is to understand your connection to The Infinite Creator. The Infinite Creator is the One Consciousness of all. You are a piece of that infinite consciousness.

According to the Nag Hammadi Codices

The God of the Bible or the Jewish god, is not the same as the infinite Creator of Light. Jesus actually tried to tell the Israelite's the truth but got put on the cross for going against their beliefs. The god of the Jewish Torah and the Modern Bible is vengeful, hateful, and racist god. It was a demi-urge that demanded obedience, Sacrifices, and raped and ate human virgin girls, along with devouring cattle and other creatures. These claims are in the Bible itself. These are not godlike personalities, they are Archonic and Reptilian personalities. The God of the Bible is also often depicted as a Dragon in the Torah writings. So all who claim to be modern Christians are worshiping the Reptilian Demiurge who real name is Y-al-da-ba-oth, and is also known as Samael, and Saklas. He is the Ruler of the Archon Forces, which includes the reptilian species, the Tall Grey, and the Fallen Angels.

This is why you can not Follow the god of the Bible and still be awakened to your truth.

The real truth comes from within you. That spark of Light within you Comes from The Infinite God or who Jesus referred to as Father. This Light is your Piece of God, your Soul. When Jesus Tells us to go within or to Look within, he is referring to the One God, not the Demi-urge.

The Infinite Creator or the One God is of Pure Unconditional Love and projects Pure White Light, Which is used to Create, Heal, and transform, according to the Nag Hammadi Codices. We all can create with this Light, even the Demi-urge Created with this Infinite Light