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Are You Still Playing The DARK'S GAME?

Are You Still Playing The DARK'S GAME?

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Throughout these last few weeks we have seen intense energies transforming and exposing the Darkness. I am being Shown By The Divine, That this is in all aspects of our reality. We can see this taking place on the world stage, where many main Higher officials are vanishing from public view. All Darkness is being exposed, You can literally see all the deception taking place. Whether its on the World Stage or in your own back Yard, you are being shown Truth. Our emotional response or reaction to these events determine our Level of awareness. If you allow the darkness to determine your emotions without any control for yourself, you are not receiving the Light Energies with ease. Its actually the opposite where you are literally rejecting the Light. Our levels of awareness allows us to look at situations in a much higher state of consciousness.

This is what it means to have higher Consciousness. If you can view an event through eyes of Love and compassion, you are raising in awareness. Your Consciousness has become connected with the Love light energies being sent by our Creator. Which is allowing you to Look at all situations as a higher conscious being. When having this perception, you see all angles and are not shifted towards one side or the other. You can see all the deception that's being played out. The Dark ones wish to make you choose sides. This is why they push the BIG POLITICAL GAME.

They want you to choose one side or the other, because they control all sides.

Many are still stuck in the Old patterns of denial, Not wanting to see the truth. This is happening due to the Influence of the Q movement and Other False information outlets and opinionated news.

Journalism used to be impartial, But that isn't the case now days. You can pick and choose what to believe, even if there is no truth in it at all. If you are politically motivated, towards one side or the other, you are playing the Dark's GAME. ALL SIDES OF POLITICS IS CONTROLLED BY THE DARK. You play their Game if you fall for this Fake Propaganda.

However, The Light is here and not stopping in its intensity. Its just going to get much Higher in its level of Frequency as we move forward. Nothing will stay hidden, All is being revealed. Even if there is many stuck in the illusions of the BIG SHOW, they too will soon see the deception of it all.

For this Earth to move forward into a 5th dimensional reality, we must first, end the deception, and expose the dark's agenda of control and separation. Its a matter of your perception. You personally will Create your own reality by the beliefs you have. So if you believe that you are in hell on Earth, that is what you will experience. If you believe you are creating your Heaven on Earth, then that is what you will experience. Believing in the Old Ways of Religion, Politics, and the False Education System, just keeps you in that old paradigm, and in the Game.

We can choose to step away from the Game, We do not have to Play. If you are still focusing on Fake Religion, or Politics and think this is Truth, then you are not in a higher state of awareness. We must let Go of the need to be Controlled by these outlets. You must make the choice personally for yourself. Only you can do that for yourself. No one else can wake you up. You must become aware of the deception to Move Forward.

Once you see that all of this was just a Game to keep you emotionally controlled, you can stop it. Its called becoming Awake, Not "woke", But AWAKE. Once you become AWAKENED, you see deception on all sides of reality. You can see it in the religions, you can see it in ALL politics, and you can see it in How they educate our Children. You begin to see all that's hidden, including the agendas of the ET's behind the Scenes being the Puppet Masters in this HUGE Deception.

Once seeing this you can determine for yourself, whether to stay in the Game or not. By staying in their Game you continue to contribute too their BIG SHOW, therefore allowing them to continue the Deception.

You must make the Choice for yourself to Step away from their Game. By doing this you step away from all the OLD programing of the Religions, Politics, and Education systems. These are the Programs that is used by the Dark to keep control over you. By controlling your belief system through their religion and politics, and controlling what you learn through the Education systems. Many of us have already opened our eyes to this Truth years ago, But have been side tracked by the Darks Game in these end times of our ascension. All this was done intentionally to the Lightworker communities, to cause confusion and separation amongst the awakened ones. And yes it has worked. The Dark has caused major confusion in these very important ascension moments. But many of you were already on the Path of Light, before this big deception in our Lightworker communities. So its up to you, to wake up again to what is taking place.

There will be no more delays, The dark has Lost and Now all Truth will be seen, whether we are ready or not. Are you still Playing the Game? Wake up, Dear Family of Light, You are a Part of the Infinite Consciousness of Creation. You are so much more than the Game.

And so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Channeled Through Divine Light By Chellea @


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