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As A Lightworker, Is it OK to Celebrate HALLOWEEN? 🎃

As A Lightworker, Is it OK to Celebrate HALLOWEEN?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The roots of Halloween are found across ancient pagan traditions, in festivals that celebrate the final harvest and the entrance into the dark half of the year. This occurs at the halfway point between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, around October 31-November 1.

The most well-known of these ancient festivals is Samhain (SOH-win), celebrated by ancient Celts around 2,000 years ago in what is now Ireland.

Samhain was the most powerful liminal, or transitional time between the light and darkness, between summer and winter. The Celts believed that at this time, the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest, and the dead could walk amongst the living.

This is where the Dark Elite's rituals come into play. The Dark ones wish to open gateways and portals into the lower 4th dimension during this time to allow the Archons to enter on this day. This ritual has been done every year for Generations. These rituals do involve child sacrifice and this is the reason Halloween is so focused on terrorizing children. Of course, with everyone participating in the event through celebrations, the Dark elites create a lot of power during this time of year. They use this holiday to boost their intentions for the Upcoming year.

We all like to celebrate and enjoy the festivities of the fall harvest. and as a kid, Halloween was always one of my favorites. Family Traditions get built around these holidays. However, we must remember that the Dark ones have controlled the Earth for thousands of years so their rituals have become our norm. But does that mean we should not celebrate and enjoy this time of year? No, Celebration and Joy are what bring in the Light. Your joy and happiness shift the vibration of anything the dark ones may be planning. The best thing to do is turn the holiday into something positive for you and your family. David and I enjoy handing out candy and toys to our neighborhood children. so we decorate and buy up a bunch of treats and sit on our porch and have fun. There is nothing wrong with that. However, I also focus on the Energies that are being brought in by the dark forces and Do my own little Ceremony to counter their Evil Agendas. The focus is to remove any negative energies that may be forced on us through their Magic.

To counter their Black Magic, Begin by Putting protection around you, your family, and your home. Then project the energy that Binds the Darkness from causing Harm. This projection can be pinpointed to individuals or groups that you are aware of whose intentions are to cause harm. This projection of Energy does include Love Light energies, but it has the intention of Binding the Darkness from Harm. This is much different than just sending your Love and Light. The Problem with just sending your love and Light toward the Darkness, it does not stop them from doing anything. If anything it's allowing them to continue. By adding your intentions of stopping or Binding the Darks Agenda you actually are putting your intentions to work against the Dark Forces.