Ascension Update ~ Arcturus Transmission Aug. 11, 2018~ Arcturus Transmission Aug. 11, 2018. With Co

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Ascension Update ~ Arcturus Transmission Aug. 11, 2018~ Arcturus Transmission Aug. 11, 2018. With Commentary by Universal Lighthouse.

Written By Aluna Ash Clairvoyant .

Mass waves of Twinsoul unions WILL begin October 2018. Oversoul groups will be coming together each day. Even if you are feeling intense energy right now, just know that YOU MADE it! Your paradigm will begin to shift in an amazing way after August.

It brought me to tears when my guidance showed me what is on the way, what is already here and manifest. We are completely merging to our souls destined reality. Watch how things unfold through synchronicity and be amazed in the magic of it all. Stay in that energy of seeing the magic and gratitude. SOOO many of you are about to rise up to your highest potential very fast. i've been telling you in the past to think of this time as a vacation to work on you because when these new programs are locked in, the old is removed and timelines merge instantly, this causing your life to shift so quickly in the physical.

There has been a recent Galactic intervention, new programs are locked into this system & the old information is removed, now this will take on physical form. Its almost like a collective program memory swipe. Draco reptilian control is no longer in the new system, it has been removed.

Arcturus Transmission:

“The 3D linear time format is only existing in partial form by a small percentage of the collective consciousness at this time. Waves of the collective will merge into higher timelines beginning in Oct. 2018. Those already existing in consciousness beyond the 3D linear time format will begin to fully experience their manifestations take form as a vibrational match around this time as well. Twinflames are linking etherically manifesting waves of unions when celestial energies begin to move direct once again.

The changes in your weather will only increase as the collective begins to merge with higher vibrational timelines… But the ones merging will not be affected by the weather changes only aware of them. You will experience yourself as fully quantum. The ones destined on your path WILL show up.”

They want me to push the power of manifestation as a multi-dimensional being: daily affirmations and programming practices to guide your subconscious in materializing your desired outcome will be very powerful at this time. Stay focused… I will be posting more channeled information on how to bypass the conscious mind using synchronistic order as a new program through your upgraded templates.

“The Twinflame experiment is an ascension tool used in connection to the Free Will experiment here on your planet. This blueprint is to collapse 3rd density karmic timelines manifest due to manipulation of the collective perception of time and reality by means of language, number energy, symbolism, etc… The Draco-Reptilian control is no more. All refusing the new blueprint grid system- will be removed. You will see this play out as the evil and corrupt done in the dark will continue to come to the light. Galactic intervention is here, and this system cannot be stopped. Timelines have deliberately been altered to manifest the change you experience as your ‘NOW’ causing a rapid unfolding of manifested unions and awakening over the next few months.

The change you have been waiting for is here. You will begin to feel the unity and divine love for your sisters and brothers sharing this experience in a way you’ve never felt before. This is the new way of being as a 4th density collective. Each incarnate is unique in gifts and talent. It’s time to fully follow your soul’s passion through creative expression here and now. The programs connected to Draco-Reptilian control are being removed from the collective brain and the new programs of the Galactic Human template will be fully accessed by those who choose.”

Commentary by Universal Lighthouse

This Message was very synchronistic for me, Lately I have been Researching the Mandela Effect. I Asked the Universe, to show me Truth, about what is Happening, Many feel that it's Cern, that is messing with our reality, but, I feel differently, this is more divine than that. I feel This Is what 's Happening, We have had the intentions to create our new earth, As a Collective We are very Powerful beings. This is the Quantum of ourselves. We Control our Destiny. I Feel, WE are the Ones, changing up Time Lines, or even combining these Parallel Universes, and WE, are seeing the results of this. This is Part of the Ascension Process, to Understand our Multidimensional Selves. I understand that CERN has been manipulating things, But you must understand that We are Much more Powerful than, Scientific Mechanics. The More of Humanity That wakes Up the More that we will jump to a Time Line that Represents our Desires as a Collective to Create our New Earth. This is our Intention so this is What will be Manifested for us that Wish it.

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