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Astral Projection, Alien Abduction, Hybrid Species, GFL - Danica Patrick Interviews Elizabeth April

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Elizabeth April | Astral Projection, Alien Abduction, Hybrid Species, Reincarnation | Ep. 153 Check out Danica's brands: Other videos you would like: Sara Walker | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST Dr. Steven Greer | PRETTY INTENSE PODCAST Neil DeGrasse Tyson | FULL VIDEO PODCAST ======= Welcome back to The Pretty Intense Podcast today we have a galactic guest Elizabeth April. Get ready to have your mind absolutely blown. Mine was. Elizabeth is a past life regression. She is an author, a truth seeker, and a clairvoyant. Elizabeth explains how she channels and communicates with the Galactic Federation in another dimension. She speaks to the federation about our planet, interaction with entities. It all goes back to her dad giving her a past life regression, which lead to her heightened awareness, clairvoyance, and even being abducted by aliens. Elizabeth tells us of her astro projecting journeys. Her communication with many different types of aliens. She explain how the aliens have taught her about human origins, and how Earth is headed for a new vibration. ======= 00:00 - Intro 05:00 - Vibrational frequency 08:00 - Do We Have Alien DNA 13:00 - Why Are Aliens Here 16:00 - Lower Vibration Aliens 18:00 - The Aliens I Communicate With 25:00 - What Do Aliens Look Like 40:00 - Reptilian Beings 48:00 - Higher Vibrational Choice 58:00 - Twelve Dimensions In This Universe 59:00 - Star Seeds