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Astral Projection, ESP, Telepathy and Even Telekinesis and Levitation Are Possible.

Astral Projection, ESP, Telepathy and Even Telekinesis and Levitation Are Possible.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

The Energies coming in from the cosmos, is bringing with it, the potentual for amazing advancement in our Psychic abilities. Things like astral projection, ESP, telepathy and even telekinesis and Levitation are becoming possible. These Gifts are given to us through the natural evolution of our Human Consciousness.

There are those out there who are follow a very dangerous Path and trying to do this by connecting themselvers to AI. This is a Trap that will enslave their Consciousness to where they will never be able to advance through a natural ascension process. They will be trapped by the Archonic Forces forever.

Our Conscious evolution advances us Naturally into the higher dimensions. If you chose the way of the AI you will never advance past the lower 4th dimension, you will be held prisoner within a Hive Mind.

Our Individual Consciousness is evolving Naturally and will allow us to advance into the Higher Dimensions. But to evolve naturally you must do the work needed to achieve this jump in our Consciousness. The ascension process is determined on your quota of Light that you hold. This is where you are at consciouslly.

Many today are so stuck in Fear that they can't even Live a happy Life.

This is because they do not know their own Power. They don't know that they have the power within them to totally abolish the Darkness on this Planet. They Don't know how truley powerful they are. Most are lost searching for something outside of themselves to save them or rescue them rather than doing the Work for themselves.

They don't Know that The One they are looking for, is a beautiful Gift that is within them. The Gift of Light that our Infinite Creator has given us, Is who we are. Litterally. Nothing outside of yourself is needed to make this ascension.

Jesus says, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you” Quoted from Luke 17:20–21

As soon as God's Children realizes their truth they will rise in Light. When you are a child of something, what does that make you when you finally grow up? To be a Child of a God, you would become a God when you are matured. This is not meaning that you are above anyone. We are all the children of the Infinite Light at different stages of spiritual growth. To raise your Consciousness Naturally you must obtain Gnosis. You can raise in vibration by becoming Love and having peace within. The Gnosis that goes with that vibration is the s