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Astrology for the Soul March 17, 2021 / Kaypacha - New Paradigm Astrology

New Paradigm Astrology

Technology helps me stay in touch,

Anywhere, anytime,

But I need to stay conscious of,

It's effect on my heart and mind.

OK! I got all caught up with the Equinox, BUT, on a more practical note... ouch, this Mercury square Mars/nodes is bound to be a killer. We'll start feeling it when the Moon goes into Gemini Thursday for sure, and then it's just going to keep building up through next Tuesday/Mars and Wednesday/Nodes. We'll be dealing with miscommunication and... "Communication Breakdown," a second song for this week! Mercury in Pisces can get "out there," and Mars in Gemini is "right here," in your face, in the NOW. This square's cosmic point is that we need to incorporate more conscious (Mercury), imaginative, loving thoughts and ideas into our everyday reality (North Node/Mars in Gemini). Bringing the spiritual, cosmic vibrations down to earthly, communicable forms is for musicians and poets, so we all need to get in touch with our inner musician/poet, bring forth the dream potential, and try to get it across to others without it sounding like gobble-de-gook! Good Luck! This week's song 1 is "I Don't Wanna Work"​ No. 2 is "Communication Breakdown"​ 🦋 Come to my workshop this May!!​ 💌 Sign up for my Newsletter!​ For more astrology with Kaypacha visit:​ For info on the closing music:

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