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Basic Astral Projection Techniques: Achieving Your First OBE (Out of Body Experience)

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Basic Astral Projection Techniques: Achieving Your First OBE. Newsletter by David J. Griffin @

Many people have trouble learning how to astral project, and there are so many different things they can do wrong. But there are a few main tips that everyone should follow to achieve full success.

It's generally believed that astral projection starts with a lucid dream. This is the first step toward seeing through your own body and is done by practicing how to have dreams in which you know that you're dreaming.

To do this, you need to train yourself to catch when you're actually dreaming instead of just thinking that you are. You can do this by setting up a device that will tell you when you're in a dream state. This will make it much easier to start understanding how your brain works and what happens when you think that you're dreaming.

Afterward, it's important to learn how to control what happens in your dreams and the environment around you. You can do this by learning how to create dream characters who are programmed to help you shape your dreams so that you can get exactly what you want.

These aren't the only ways to have a lucid dream, but they're some of the easiest methods that produce fast results. This is because all it takes is believing hard enough in your dreams.

Keep in mind that this is just the first phase of astral projection, and it's only meant to help you see your surroundings from another angle. It won't actually allow you to leave your body and float around like a ghost.

The second step toward experiencing astral projection is something called "out-of-body experience." This is when your brain creates a barrier around the human body with extra sensory perception, or ESP.

Most people might not like this term because it makes it seem like something paranormal is going on, and that's just not true!

All that you're really doing is picturing what your body looks like from another angle. But it's still important to learn how to control your body's movements.

For example, you should be able to make the mouth on the image of yourself move and communicate things that the actual body can't.

This is a mythological skill that has been practiced for many years in ancient cultures.

You might think this sounds impossible, but if you focus hard enough and practice a few times, you'll be able to do it too.

Some of the more powerful methods include using your hands or wielding God-Force energy using Magick to get into tune with your image.

The goal is to eventually be able to imagine what you want without thinking about it.

Once you've mastered the ability to see yourself from the outside, you should be able to move on to astral projection.

You can also do this through meditation, but it's a much faster process if you just use your imagination. (In the Golden Dawn, we use a technique called Spirit Vision.

The best way to visualize that you're moving as a separate entity from your body is by using your mind and energy to create an image of what you think it would look like. It's kind of like the lucid dream step, except now your brain is adding in more sensory details.

One important thing to remember is that imagining yourself floating away from your body won't do anything. All it takes is belief in what you're doing, and if you're having any doubts about astral projection, you're not going to get very far.

Once you've managed to pull off what you think is astral projection, it's time to discover exactly how your brain works when this happens.

You can do this by using the knowledge of your own dreams and pulling them up from another angle. This will teach you a lot about how the brain works, and you can learn a lot by playing with this technique a little.

Once you've managed to master that, it's time to try something new. Now you need to learn how to move your body around like an object without being attached to anything.

This is actually pretty easy if you just focus on feeling energy coming from your body. It's what allows you to move without actually touching anything, and if you focus hard enough, this is how you'll be able to move around freely in dreams.

The last step before leaving your body permanently is something called "somniloquy." This is the act of speaking inside your mind rather than out loud.

Whenever you talk in your dreams, it's actually just coming from inside of your mind.

The only difference is that most dreams are rough and jumbled, but the truth is that even though you can't hear what you're saying, everyone else around you can!

This is why some people might think that they've heard their name being called in a dream and then suddenly wake up. But if you know how to speak clearly, astral projection can actually be quite easy.

As long as you're able to focus on your body from the outside and trust that what you're doing is real, there's nothing more you need. It might not happen at first, but if you keep going at it, eventually you'll be able to successfully Astral Project.

If you can't succeed at first, don't worry! The key is trying again and again until you get good enough that you aren't failing anymore. Once that happens, your body will vibrate faster and faster until it disappears and you can move freely.

Keep in mind that some people take years to achieve this, but if you really want it bad enough, then it won't be long before you get there. All in all, astral projection is an easy process, especially if you first learn how lucid dreaming works.

It might seem weird at first, but once you learn how to manipulate your mind, it becomes a lot easier.

One thing to bear in mind though. Astral Projection from a waking state is relatively easy using methods like the Golden Dawn's "Spirit Vision." If you are ever going to be able to astral project from a dream state into the Upper Astral, however, you are going to first need to develop your astral (energetic) body (Soul).

There are many ways to charge and strengthen you energetic Soul, whether it is using Ritual Magick here in the West, or an Eastern method like Tai Chi, Chi Kung, or Kundalini Yoga.

What matters is not the method, but rather that you attend to your Soul and its energetic development. Astral Projection is but one power of the fully developed Soul. There are others, but that is a story for another day.

Until next time,

Bp. David J. Griffin AΩ HOGD RR+AC Source,


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