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Being Prepared as a Light Warrior ~ Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

Being Prepared as a Light Warrior.

The New Earth of Light, Channeling, and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

The Major shifts we have experienced recently, have changed many things within our reality.

Our Psychic abilities are increasing as we move higher in vibration. Dreams, Intuition, Visions, telepathy, and more extreme empathy are just some of the few enhancements we are receiving. Our Light is being amplified within, creating a shield of Protection and giving us the power to remove all darkness on our path. But, it also is amplifying our abilities of the Light as well.

I personally have been experiencing many more Dreams, visions, and Precognition, while David is actually picking up Intuition and Direct Telepathy Energy Movement, By just thinking and projecting Energy towards someone and they respond by Contacting you within a few minutes.

However, The Visions and Dreams are getting "REAL" intense.

Last Night I experienced something very strange.

Through a Lucid type dream, after Meditation, I remember being taken into a giant room with very High Ceilings. This room was made of what looked to be solid stone and was Grey in color with Polished Walls, like Granite or Marble. On the far side of the room stood a huge 14 to 15 ft tall Clear White Crystal. Standing next to the Massive Crystal was a Man in a Long White Robe. He had a Long Beard and Hair, and When he looked at me and smiled, the Light Glowed around his Face. I felt I knew this Being and was very comfortable around him. I began to walk toward the enormous Crystal as though I knew What to do. Once I got about 10 ft from it, it shot a Light beam into me, Lighting Up my whole body. All I could see was a brilliant White glow around me. It felt like a shocking feeling, Like static electricity all over my skin.

I do not remember any more of what happened after that.

However, I do feel that this is a very significant event, and is important in the near future. I believe that it is opening up more of a connection than ever before. I am shown that this light that engulfed me, was done for Purification, Healing, and DNA connection purposes. After having this experience, I was wondering who the man was in the White robe. I am then shown that this Man, was none other than Christos in his Human Form. This form is that of the One most Know as Jesus. This isn't the first time I have had this type of encounter with Christos. One of the other Times was about 7 years ago. I was meditating and began to fall asleep. Within the Lucidness, I saw Jesus Standing in front of Me, in a Glow of Light. He was standing only about 2 feet from me when he reached inside of my Chest with Both hands. This gave me that same type of Shocking feeling I spoke of Before. He then wrapped his Hands around my Heart and Held it for several minutes, I could literally feel this physically. I then felt the most intense Love that I have ever experienced before or again since. I was being shown the True Love of the Infinite Light, which fully opened my Heart Chakra.

This is just one of the many events that led me to where I am now spiritually speaking.

However, This new vision seemed different as though I was being totally cleansed, and this felt like it was for Purposes that are to come within the near future. I feel that When the time comes, I will be shown the purpose.

As of now, it is still a Mystery, from the 1st Mystery, known as the Infinite Creator.

Those who have followed my Writing a while may recall me telling about the experience of remembering several of my Past Lives. This Remembrance leads me to believe that all have a part in this event. At least the wisdom and Knowledge of those experiences from my previous lives can give me insight from many different perspectives. Within the many past Lives that I can remember, I am always working for the Light, trying to expose the Darkness. This makes for some very strange and unusual memories. In many cases, I was often running or hiding from the dark ones, in Fear of being harmed. Nevertheless, throughout those experiences, I have gained much wisdom and knowledge of the dark's doings, and have remembered many of my Light abilities of those Lives.

I may not have access yet to all of the abilities, but I do know of them being there. Even in this life, I have always been shown all Darkness wherever it Lurks. By seeing it, I can Transform it. I feel like I am being prepared as a True Light Warrior.

As much as I would love everything to be fu fu and pink roses, it's not. The Battle of Light and Dark goes much farther than most understand. Many are under the impression that Dark and Light Both, come from our Infinite Creator. This is not Truth to its fullest.

Darkness or the Dark demigod only comes from the Infinite Creator through an indirect method or error of the Aeon Sophia. This Demigod originally received the Light through Sophia, but she did not use the Infinite Light itself when he was Created. This Being is the One who created this Human body that we live in and used us as Slaves for his pleasure. He is also the Evil, jealous, and vengeful god of the Old Testament.

When He first created the Human, They did not have the Light of source within them. So, Sophia recognized her Error, and then "Tricked", the Dark one into giving what Light he had to the Humans, that he had created on Earth. By Doing this Sophia had given Humans on Earth, the Light that was a part of her. This Gave Humans the ability to Connect to The Infinite Creator, and know the God within. Therefore, The Dark one has no essence of Light left at all of the Infinite Creator within it. To sum it up easily... it has NO LOVE and is empty of all LIGHT.

With that being said, you must understand that Humans then, are more powerful through the Light, because of this. This is why the dark wants to suppress our Spirituality. The more we become Loving and compassionate beings the More we Amplify of Light, and the More Powerful we become. One of the Biggest fears of the Dark ones, is us finding out who we truly are. Because once we know our Truth, we can ascend out of the Illusion that they have created to enslave us.

We are being Engulfed by the Pureness of our Infinite Creators Light. To connect with this Light we must Raise our own Light vibration, through Love and Service to Others. As our light grows, we are experiencing more of who we truly are. A magnificent piece of the Infinite Consciousness we call God.

And so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic and Channel of the Aeons Sophia and Christos, The New Earth of Light, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance. @

References: The Nag Hammadi Codices - Full Library - (Gnostic Scriptures)


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