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Beyond The Self, Ascending Into the Higher Consciousness


As The Light engulfs the planet, More are awakening to the spiritual aspect of themselves. The spiritual part of ourselves isn't the self at all, in the since of individuality, but is a much deeper connection we have to all things. God the Infinite Creator is Omnipresent, being everywhere present. The Higher awareness is knowing and understanding your connection to this presence. When in the awareness of just self, you do not see your true selflessness of your actual existence, you do not see your connection to the Infinite Creator, being All things with consciousness. The more selfless you become the higher your awareness of the ALL becomes. You begin to open your awareness to more than just you.

This is beyond the awareness of self. Many beings other than humans, such as animals, birds, and oceanic creatures on this planet have an awareness of the self. This is the beginning in seeing yourself as an individual. This is the first stages of conscious awareness. This happened in the very early stages of our human development as a species. Even the Smallest child has the awareness of Self. The discovery of the Self is where we began to see ourselves as something separate from each other. When you recognize you have personal needs different from others around you, you then know the self. Humanity has taken the concept of the SELF way beyond a natural development, into an extreme, literally to a point of disconnection from Source. All Things that disconnect us as a collective, like wars, slavery, hate, and harm to one another of any sort, is the work of the Self, being disconnected from your Truth. Many will even argue that we are in the discovery of the self, through this awakening, when this is literally the reverting backwards in our development as a species, back into the disconnection mentality.

We are now awakening to a higher awareness beyond this "self" that takes us into the understanding of Oneness with the All of Creation. At this level of awareness you see others as another form of the infinite consciousness that is the essence of our Multiversal existence. You see that others are a reflection of the self, and you can begin to step out of the illusion of individual separation. You realize that you "the self" are Not Just that self, but just one of the many selves in expression of the Infinite Creator. When you begin to understand this knowing, you are ascending into the higher awareness.

Once we understand our true connection, we must then take action of service to that Infinite aspect of our being. This is the Service to Others mentality. I do want to be clear. We must Love ourselves, but Love our Neighbor the Same. There is false information out there that says if you are in service to yourself, you serve all others. THIS IS The Dark agenda trying to mislead those who wish to be of Light. OF COURSE Its much easier to say well when I serve or I Love myself, I am doing it for everyone, so its okay. SORRY this isn't how it works. If you can't do the inner work stop pretending that you are the Light. It takes the actual inner work and the action of caring for others to achieve this awareness. If you are just going to do the work of the dark by being self serving in nature, then claim it and stop pretending to work for the Light. No One of self service, will rise to the 5th dimensional consciousness. The 5th dimensional consciousness, is that of Total service to Others. Why do you think the Higher dimensional beings are here watching the ascension in this moment. They are in service to you. they are here in service to the infinite Creator, that is the ONE. The One Infinite consciousness that is this Multiverse of Creation. They are here to serve you and me in this ascension. They are not doing it for themselves. They are doing it for ALL of Creation.

Some so called "Light" workers out there literally put the concept of service to others down and Claim that its not your purpose. This Goes against EVERY ANCIENT WRITING and TEACHING on this subject. EVEN JESUS in the Bible served all others BEFORE THE SELF. This is the Law of One teachings. Making false Claims about spirituality and MISLEADING OTHERS, PUT'S YOU IN NEGATIVE KARMIC ENERGIES, Keeping you within the reincarnation cycle. So be very careful on what you are claiming to be truths, especially if you really don't know what you are talking about. All those who mislead through false Teaching, will receive the Karma of their action against humanity.

I understand that these teaching seem harsh, but that is because Humanity was never taught the truth of who they really are. We have been Blindsided in many ways by the Dark trying to stop this ascension. To ascend into the Higher consciousness, you must do the inner and outer work for yourself. NO One is going to save you from your own evil ways. You must learn to see Others as you do yourself, as an expression of the Great Infinite Creator. and So it is, and it is So.

In so Much Love and Light,

Chellea @ and Radio


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