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Blossom Goodchild * The Federation Of Light – 3-14-21


Hello there. I’m looking forward to our chat today and thank you in advance for all that is to come through in ways of upliftment and hope! It occurred to me recently, that quite a while before Christmas you said there would be an announcement followed by a global lockdown, that would take us into phase two of five. Are we then, not even in phase two?

Firstly, we choose to Welcome all those who take the time to follow that which we have to say, for the benefit of the Greater Good of All. Welcome to Each One. Feel our Love entering into your heart as we bring through this message … for it shall make a difference within you … within your Being, as to how it is received.

So, I have just taken three deep breaths.

And does this make a difference?

I don’t know … you haven’t said anything yet!

Dearest Blossom and Each One, some of you wonder if you are ‘worthy’ enough to call yourself a Lightworker/player. KNOW that if you are reading these words, then indeed, YOU ARE!

For if your Heart is following the path of Enlightenment … on discovering more of your True Self, then you are recognizing that you are Light and therefore, working/playing within that Light. We felt it necessary to address that before we answer your question, as there seems to be many that are wondering if they are or are not! It surprises us that one would even question. For it is within one’s Heart of KNOWING the LOVE and LIGHT that resides within Each One and therefore, one is working with, playing with that LIGHT – LOVE with every breath that is taken.

Thank you for clarifying that. To be honest, I hadn’t realized it was necessary to comment. Ok. Back to the phases, if we may? Would you say we are not even in phase two?


Far Out, Brussel Sprout! Yet, we have no choice, I guess, other than to go with the flow.

Take into account if you would, that within all that is taking place, many changes … many corners are turned … many advancements and sometimes setbacks are involved in this Great Transformation.

Of this I am aware. Yet, confused that a Divine Plan has setbacks. Especially when you have said many times that the Light has won.

And yet, the final stages are still to be played out. As in many games … one ‘party’ can throw in a ‘curveball’ out of the blue and strategies then have to be reconsidered … and manoeuvres that were all set and in place ready to go, have to perhaps, be put on hold in order to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Yes indeed, and many, many of us are trying our best to remain patient. Yet, I would say the general consensus of those of us in position and ready for ‘the off’, is that, although we are told much is taking place behind the scenes … there is little evidence shown of this. The fact that phase two hasn’t even begun is rather daunting, to say the least.

And yet, have we not said in previous conversations, Blossom, that it does not necessarily mean that each phase will take as long as perhaps, this one?

Well, let’s hope that’s the case … or many of ‘my’ ripe old age, may have popped their clogs and unable to see it through from the ground force position … and that is why we are here, is it not?


You see, within this waiting, there has become a new normal … depending on each one’s beliefs and perspectives. Some are so happy they have had a ‘jab’ and live in hope that life will soon get back to how it was … whilst others, like me, are horrified at times of deep thought, by the complacency and ignorance, if I am to be brutally honest … of those who choose not to delve, even