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Book Declassified by the CIA claims“cyclical pole shifts” every 7,000 years

• Declassified files contained in the CIA archives include the book “The Adam and Eve Story” by Chan Thomas , dating from 1966. Thomas appears to have been a UFO researcher working on a project for the US Air Force. Thomas begins his book with dedications to a string of the top US military brass, saying without them “this book might not exist”. He specifically mentions US Air Force Generals Curtis LeMay and Harold Grant, and CIA intelligence officer Admiral Rufus Taylor.

Read the Declassified version“The Adam and Eve Story” BOOK HERE

• One revelation that Thomas makes in the book is that the Earth is subject to “cyclical pole shifts” every 7,000 years. Thomas claims there are “null zones” in the Milky Way through which our solar system passes every few thousand years, which cause cataclysmic changes to Earth such as the poles shift. These cataclysmic events have been foretold by figures throughout history, including Jesus. The most recent cataclysm was Noah’s Flood. Another revelation is that Jesus was not a prophet of Jerusalem, but a scholar who trained in India. Yet, Jesus had predicted a coming global disaster and wanted to prepare people for the end times.

• Thomas claims to have translated Jesus’s dying words on the cross, speaking in an Indian dialect, “I am fainting, I am fainting, darkness is overcoming me”. And when Jesus ascended to heaven, he was actually picked up by a “space vehicle” according to Thomas.

• Thomas says that the Genesis story in the Old Testament is actually a parable about the collapse of a previous civilization due to an extinction event before Noah’s Flood.

• It is believed that Thomas was part of a team employed by aerospace firm McDonnell Douglas and led by Dr Robert Wood, who has since gone on to become a prominent expert on UFOs. Wood names Thomas in an article published in 2007 as one of the men he employed to research UFOs. Wood describes the author as an “exceptionally innovative” man who “claimed to be in contact with ETs”, and a “total out of the box thinker”.