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Breaking FREE From The Darkness ~ Channeling and Gnostic Guidance

Breaking FREE From The Darkness.

The New Earth of Light Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

For the last few weeks, David and I have been feeling That we may have been having some dark energies Lurking within our Home. He has witnessed a Dark figure moving about, and my mother told me that a few nights ago she had seen only what she could describe as a white shadow. I personally have been attacked during my sleep, with very intense Dreams, causing me to be emotionally Worn out. So, This Morning I decided to do a Major Clearing in our Home, cleansing any dark energies that could be there.

Many of you who have followed me a while know that I care full time for my Elderly Mother who is getting ready to turn 82 in a few months. She has just recovered from a severe infection and covid, and has chosen to not get the shot. She had been in the hospital and a Nursing home for her recovery, and has been home since the First of December but did not get over the infection until about a week ago. I chose to Sage her room first while she was still in there clearing her as well. However, as soon as I left her room I got attacked by something hitting me from behind. I had to call David into the Clearing for protection. Whatever it was it did not want to leave and had attached to my Mother causing her to not be able to rest and heal.

Since the end of October, we have been within what I am seeing as a Thinning of the Veil. With the Earth Mother Sophia herself now being 4th Dimension, We are moving much faster than ever before towards the light. But, right now at this moment, it puts us right in the middle of the Y in the road. Within the 4th Dimension, we are right next to both the Higher dimensions of Light and the Lower Dimensions of Darkness. This is where we can choose to Break FREE from The Darkness By raising in Vibration.

With our vibrations rising, we are beginning to actually see what's been hidden for so long. We are beginning to See Behind the curtains that have hidden the presence of the Dark Ones. As we raise in vibration, our abilities are becoming much more enhanced to where we are witnessing any manipulation that might be taking place, even behind the scenes. This goes with every aspect of our lives, and even on the world stage. When the darkness tries to deceive or trick us, we are seeing it and stopping it. The secret to Lightwork is Knowing where to Send the Light Energies. If we know Darkness is Lurking we can remove them just by knowing of their presence. The Power of the Light can be projected wherever we see Darkness or know it to be. This Power can only be used through Loving Intentions. The Light works in removing the darkness in our Lives by Projecting Love. Praying or Projecting out of Anger or Fear doesn't remove the darkness at all, it actually amplifies it causing the Darkness to Fight and attack you harder. By being in the Vibrations of Fear or Anger The Dark entity then attaches itself to you because that's the energies it feeds on.

We must remember that the Entities that have been called Demons and Jinn have always been here and probably will always be, they live within the lower 4th dimensions. They do have a right to life just the same as us. However, They can only affect us if our vibrations are low, or while we are unaware like during sleep. Staying in the higher vibrations is Key to this transformation, and key to stopping any unseen manipulation that can be taking place. The darkness is using the covid against us in both the physical and spiritual Levels, by attacking us even within the unseen. This is why it is so important to be consciously aware of where you are at vibrationally in these moments. By focusing on Service to Others and Loving and caring vibrations, we are stopping all interference with our spiritual growth. When you do not allow yourself to wallow in anger and fear, you no longer have any worries of the Darkness below. They only attach to those who are in lower vibrations. Yes, Illness and sickness do reduce our vibrational level, so be aware, when dealing with any cases of flu or colds as well, tis the season.

As we Raise our Frequency we are Breaking FREE from the Darkness that had held us back for so long. By raising in the Light we will soon leave the darkness behind to deal with their own Shadows.

The Brighter our Light Shines The More our eyes will become open to the Unseen. When we can see what is Manipulating us, we can stop it. As we move higher in the Light we will be leaving the Darkness behind.

Your Vibration in every Moment Matters in this ascension process. The holiday has a way of taking You to the heights of Love and compassion, then Drops you like a sack of Potatoes. It is very important in these moments to focus our intentions on The higher vibrations of Love and Service to Others. As we raise in the Light, We are Breaking Free from the Shackles of the darkness, and Ascending to the Higher consciousness.

And so it is and it is so.

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea, Mystic, and Channel of the Aeon Sophia through Divine Light, The New Earth of Light Channeling and Gnostic Guidance @


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