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Bringers Of The Dawn Channeling The Pleiadians / Review by Brian Scott

Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution. Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words "should" and "try" from our vocabularies. We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centers, and who our "gods" are. Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious--and unconscious. By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become "bringers of the dawn," consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth. This is a review of the book and some of the mindblowing passages talking about the earth's history and our place in the cosmic order. You can get a copy of Bringers of the Dawn here​ Alternate Universe Reality Activation get full access to new meditations, new lectures, recordings from the reality con and the 90 day AURA meditation schedule​ Listen my book on audible​ BUY MY BOOK!​ The video contained was used with permission by Julius Horsthuis Julius is an amazing artist check out his website​ You can see his youtube channel here​ On twitter​ On vimeo​ On instagram​ Music By Mettaverse light quotient when all else fades travel light inner space solstice heart of true being celestial voices deep relaxation ➤ Listen on Soundcloud:​ ➤ Follow them on Instagram:​ ➤ Join them on Facebook:​ ➤ Subscribe to their channel here:​... All My Neville Goddard Videos In One Playlist -​... All my videos about Dr. Joseph Murphy -​... All my videos on Florence Scovel Shinn​... All my videos on Orison Swett Marden​... For all episodes of the Reality Revolution –​ Join our facebook group