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Calling All "Light Warriors"... This is Our Moment.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Things have been in total chaos, insecurity, and out of balance since this lockdown of humanity. The emotions of fear, worry, and anger, flood the collective energies. I find it hard just to keep my own vibrations up, therefore looking for any ways to raise it. The powerless elite is pulling their last straw, by trying to keep us as separated and as low vibration as they can.

This is our moment.

For those of us who are very empathic and have worked on the emotional body, we can somewhat control what we feel. We are the Light Warriors who are not afraid to look darkness in the face and demand our divine rights, without blinking an eye. We, for the most part, have already transcended the fear, that humanity is experiencing.

We in the Moment must be the strength for humanity. The strength I am referring to, comes from within us. It's the ability to transcend all of the fear, worry, and anger and bring humanity back into balance. We can do this through our focused intent.

We are not "here" for just ourselves. So many people begin their spiritual journey and cut themselves immediately off from everything and everyone they have ever loved. They do this because they feel that everyone else's vibrations are to low or they could never be spiritual where they are located. This is part of the "false teachings" of the New Age. The truth is, the whole point of spiritual growth is learning the lessons given to us throughout our lives. It's learning that Love really is the only answer.

Our genetic Families literally tells us who we were in our past lives. We are our ancestors. Our genetics is a blueprint of our past lives.

So, if you separate yourself from this part of who you are, it becomes very hard, to clear your past life trauma. We must learn to forgive and Love everything about ourselves, including who we once were. This is why you chose the biological families that you did in this life. It is important to heal this connection, and the only way to do this is to face it.

But thats just a part of it. We as humanity are One, not something separate from each other. So why do so many so-called lightworkers forget their duties of being the LIGHT? We are not here to do this ascension thing alone, we are all in this together. We are here for each other's well-being. Contrary to what Cain said in the Bible. We are our Brothers (and Sisters) Keepers.

We are at the crossroads, and humanity can drift either way.

It's up to us who has the pure intent of Love for Humanity and this Planet to focus our energies for the Betterment of the All. We can do this through our focused Meditations and Inner God Prayer. There are many ways you as a Light Warrior can help the situation. Ask your Inner knowing for the guidance to begin your work.

Also if we can overcome the need to react to other's Emotional outbreaks we can help calm and raise the vibration of our surroundings and the people within our lives. This is how you begin to control your own emotional body.

Humanity is awakening very quickly now. It's up to us to keep our heads on straight and help lead them through this rocky time. Stay in the heart-mind of compassion and understanding in all moments. Love is still the answer to All.

In Love and Light

Universal Lighthouse


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