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Calling The 144,000 - It's Time to Prepare for the Final Battle

Calling The 144,000 - It's Time to Prepare for the Final Battle

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

I first would like to apologize for using automated voices for the last few posts. Things have been difficult for me these last few weeks. As most of you already know I have other Family responsibilities that take priority in my life. However, I do also wish to add that Things like the radio station and Our personal Services will be Changing here at Universal Lighthouse really soon. The radio will be getting a whole new overhaul, with totally new content and we are getting ready to open Our Personal Services up to the public. We will be providing Astrology Readings, Tarot and Spirit Card Readings, Remote Reiki Healing, and Chakra Cleansing Sessions.

As I stated before Things have been kind of off-balanced for me lately.

A few weeks ago I had the Vision of the Great Battle of the Dragons coming to an End. The Link for that Video is below. The vision was of the Ancient Tale of the Battle of the 2 Dragons in welsh lore. The Red and White Dragons of King Arthur's Legend. I do believe this battle to be the one Everyone knows of as the Ancient Battle of Good vs. evil. Within that vision I saw the Dragons fighting underwater, I swam over and put Myself between them, In doing so it stopped the battle. The White dragon had been Defeated and moved away from me hissing and swirling in the water. I had stated that Whenever I have prophetic Dreams, The time frame of when they begin to manifest is about 6 weeks from the time of the vision. However, Last Night I again had a profound vision, This Time I was standing in front of the 144,000 Angels, along with the 7 Archangels. I saw them Dressed in golden battle gear over their snow-white tunics with swords blazing with the eternal fire. We were preparing for the Final Battle. I felt that the Angels were already celebrating. The energy was that of a Victory already won. It was as though they were preparing for something that they already knew the Outcome for. The Archangels stood before the crowd and raised Their Swords, causing a Massive beam of Light to Shoot from the Sky and into their Swords. This was The Divine Light, of the Infinite Father and Mother, Empowering them for Victory. The Divine's will has been Manifested. The Power of the Divine then engulfed the 144,000 Angels filling them with The Light, and giving them the Love, strength, courage, and knowing of their Victory in the Battle to come.

As we move into the Final Days of the Long Battle of Good vs. Evil, We must remember that the Battle begins within ourselves. You must make the Choice to come out of the Darkness within. Once you have conquered your own inner Darkness, you allow the Light to Ascend your being, Raising you to Higher Understanding.

The Angels are reminding us that we have already won this Battle. They are telling us to celebrate and to be Grateful for the Power of the Divine within.

This was a Beautiful and Profound Vision that tells me That we are about to face the final call. Calling all Earth Angels - It's Time to Prepare for the Final Battle that The Light has already won.

and so it is, and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,

Chellea @

The Battle of The Dragons is About to End. THE LIGHT HAS WON!!