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"Celebrate and Be Grateful" You Did it / The Faerie Realm

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Great Spirit, Mother Earth, and all Nature spirits for this moment in Time, and for your beautiful Insights.

Beautiful Day Dear Ones,

There is an obvious split in society, those working to keep the old false beliefs and control system alive and those who have stepped out of the illusion of the matrix altogether and now see it as all the old paradigm, crumbling and falling to pieces. The question is, how will this look for Humanity as a Collective in the near future? I am shown a boy seeing 2 different instruments in front of him, He has to choose one instrument or the other, to play. I am being told This is Humanity's reality as it plays out. We are seeing two directions, one is the same old paradigm that we have had all along in this 3D matrix and the Other is the Direction of the New Earth and a New way of being. Many do not want to leave the old way of being and will continue to stay within a 3D mindset, Not excepting the Higher Light Energy and Not evolving into the next step of consciousness, which is Oneness and Unity, abundance for all, and True Freedom from the darkness. Understand There is no wrong or right direction, Each One's journey is different and unique to that individual.

I am shown a Faerie who is surrounded by abundance and prosperity, she is relaxing and enjoying life. It is time now for Humanity to be rewarded, for many lives of suffering and hardships under dark control. Humanity has been held back for too long, It's the Moment to receive our Birth Right.

It's now time for humanity to relax and begin to enjoy their journey into the Higher consciousness.

I am shown a young couple, making sure their child is secure in his future. I am then shown the Phrase "The Resolution of Difficulties". We will no longer be worried for our children, Life will be easier for them from here on out. As we evolve into a Higher way of Being, all our difficulties from the dark control are falling away.

I am then shown two faeries battling, They are at odds with each other. I am seeing this as the Dark will continue to fight to keep control, they do not want to be compassionate Loving, and caring beings. They want their Wealth and Power. Period. So, they will fight till they are completely removed by the light.

I am then shown the Phrase " Falling in Love suddenly" The faerie are telling me that there will be those who will at the last moments hop on to the Love wagon. I am then shown the Phrase "They desire a more meaningful life." This is telling me that they will realize that the path they are currently on, is empty of Love. They will change their perception of things happening, and begin to see and Understand the Love they truly are.

I am then shown the Words, "Let Go", They are telling me that those who are hanging on to the old false beliefs and old control system, must learn to "let go", their struggle to stay within the old paradigm will become much harder for them. The Light is here, and it's not going anywhere.

What is going to happen to those who choose the Path of Self-Service? I am shown The phrase, "Help out those less fortunate". Those who are of self-service, are only for themselves and refuse to help those who have less than they do. When you see a homeless person on the side of the road, holding a sign that says will work for food. What do you do?? Do you ignore them and go on your way? Do you heckle them telling them to get a real job? Or do you become a Compassionate being and Give them Food? We must return to a compassionate state of being to move forward into the Light. Many have lost their Compassion and Care for each other.

I am then shown a person spinning money around him, as though it was getting created out of thin air. This is the Dark's biggest agenda that matters to them. It's all about their money and Power. As long as they have Money they can believe they have control.

I am then shown the word "Compassion". People who are self-serving have no compassion for anyone but themselves. We must become compassionate people to achieve the Christ Consciousness of the Higher dimensions.

I am then shown the Phrases " The freedom to go in any direction, and "A journey that is now complete". We have a choice of how we wish to be. We can be in self-service and not move into the higher Light, that is the choice for most. or we can choose Love, Compassion, and Care and Achieve Victory of the Soul, and raise to the higher conscious way of being of 5D. It's up to you. For many of us, our Journey is complete here in this 3D matrix. We are moving to the higher Light.

I am then shown the words "Celebrate and Be Grateful" For Those who have chosen the path of service to Others, have so much to celebrate and be grateful for. Then I am shown, The Phrase "You Did It".

In so Much Love and Light,

Channeled By Chelle @ Universal Lighthouse Blog and Radio

Faeid Communication Q & A and Message.

This is a Question and Answer session with Beings between the 5th and 9th dimensions that live within the Elemental Realms, or what we refer to as The Faerie Realm. This Realm is within the Inner Earth. They are multi-dimensional and so are frequently on the surface of the planet as well but must stay hidden from Human eyes. They are the Angels or Spirits of Nature and are the Protectors of this Planet and all her inhabitants. The Term “Faerie” Refers to All of the beings including Elves, Gnomes, Pixie, Sprites, Faerie, and Many other magical and multi-dimensional Beings.

This is channeled through many decks of Tarot cards and visual images or scenes I receive. I will tell you what the Faeries have shown me visually and the message they may give directly. I do not use the cards in the way that it is traditionally done in readings, The Faeries show me images or words, coinciding with the Answer to the question or message they are giving. There is also direct telepathic communication also in images.


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