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CIA Documents Disclose The Use of Telepathy & Telekinesis By US and Russian Governments.

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Recently a CIA Document was released that Claims full Investigation and Use of Parapsychology, including several telepathic and telekinetic experiments performed successfully, decades ago by both US and Soviet Military's and Space Programs.


The following information comes from the declassified CIA document.

“In the coming era of space Flights, telepathic abilities are necessary. While the Space rocket must bring men toward knowledge of the grand secrets in the universe, the study of psychic phenomena can lead us toward knowledge of the mysteries of the human mind.”

The Soviets Research in ESP was started Back in the 1920’s at Leninggrad University by V.M. Bekhterev.

“The Soviet Union is well aware of the benefits and applications of parapsychology research. In 1963, a Kremilin edict apparently gave top priority to biological research, which in Russia includes parapsychology. The major impetus behind the Soviet drive to harness the possible capabilities of telepathic communication, telekinetics, and bionics is said to come from the Soviet military and the KGB. Today it is reported that Russia has twenty or more centres for the study of parapsychological phenomena, with an annual budget estimated in 1967 at over 13 million dollars and reported to be as high as 21 million dollars.

Soviet parapsychology research was actually stimulated by the 1960 French story concerning the US atomic submarine Nautilus. The French journalists splashed the now rather infamous Nautilus story in headlines “US Navy Uses ESP on Atomic Sub!” Ship to shore telepathy, according to the French, blipped along nicely even when the Nautilus was far under water. “Is telepathy a new secret weapon? Will ESP be a dec