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"Consciousness is Immortal.“ | An In-Depth Interview with Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell is a former NASA physicist and large systems analyst turned consciousness researcher. Next to his technology–centric career, he joined the team of volunteering research subjects around Robert Munroe, where they volitionally induced and systematically investigated phenomena of paranormal nature like e.g. out–of–body experiences, remote viewing, telepathy to name the most prominent. In his trilogy "My Big TOE" (TOE: Theory of Everything) he describes the nature of our larger reality, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and explains our purpose and connection to that larger reality. Along the way, Mr. Campbell derives a more fundamental science that directly answers the most pressing problems and paradoxes of modern physics. Contents: 00:00:20​ If you had to put your big theory into a nutshell – what does it say? 00:04:46​ Entropy is devolving from order to disorder – can we put it like that? 00:09:30​ Ideas and theories of this reality are a simulation – are you ok with that? 00:13:08​ Some scientists reject your point of view – would you say that their view is entirely wrong or incomplete? 00:23:55​ David Bohm and his theory of the implicate order – what is your opinion? 00:30:46​ What do you think about the idea that there is a cyclical universe and infinite number of big bangs? 00:43:40​ You are addressing some of the weaknesses of the original Double-Slit Experiment … 00:57:21​ A theory of consciousness 00:58:25​ The phenomena of remote viewing used by the CIA? 00:59:27​ The database and what is sometimes called the akasha record in spiritual philosophies? 01:04:02​ Why would the system make this information available to a medium if one of the tenets of your theory holds that the agent should never be able to tell that it is a virtual reality? 01:09:02​ Would the individual units of consciousness be sort of a holographic replica of a large consciousness system? 01:10:30​ Is our world in which we live currently but one of many virtual realities? 01:17:30​ You are referring to what is sometimes called “Qualia” … 01:19:59​ According to what you are saying, the outcome should never be predictable depending on who is doing or watching the experiment? 01:23:20​ We cling to the idea that something of us should last – would that make sense within your theory? 01:35:04​ Do you think that our individuated unit of consciousness may indeed persist potentially and definitely eternally? Tom Campbell on Amazon:​ Credits: Interview: Werner Nieke Editor: Werner Huemer ℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer © 2020 Thanatos TV EN PLEASE SUPPORT OUR WORK WITH YOUR DONATION: Thanatos IBAN: AT13 1400 0862 1017 7770 BIC: BAWAATWW Paypal:


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