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Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings * LISA RENEE

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April 2022

Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings

Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings are the esoteric mystery school teachings originally sourcing from the Emerald Founder Records that were being protected by the ancient Celtic Church that was first formed upon the Earth many thousands of years ago, by the remaining Azurite survivors of the Hyperborean Electric Wars on Gaia. These earlier first waves of the Christos Mission teams were time travelers into this density via the operational portions of the stargate system near the Irish Sea and North Sea. The Christos Mission teams brought their knowledge of the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings and entered the island chains in the North Atlantic Sea located between Scotland and Norway and many settled throughout the northern most tip of Alba, or Scotland and Hibernia. This Azurite line of Ascended Masters on the Christos Mission came to teach and guide the angelic human tribes in order to help them rebuild their civilizations after the Ice Age floods that caused global catastrophe and to take an inventory of planetary grid damage, to assess the ground conditions for future rehabilitation missions.

Although they organized themselves through the Christos Mission directives in order to teach and guide humanity in alignment to Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings which were later known as the Celtic Church, in earlier times there were no actual buildings or temples designated for the purpose of instructing the teachings due to the fact they were migratory. Due to their Krystic and holy nature, their outward appearance and behavior reflected the highest qualities of human kindness, ethical conduct, refinement and intelligent nobility, which many thousands of years later led them to be referred to as the Aryans. The word Aryan is a description that originally held the meaning of being a respected compassionate teacher that leads by example, a self-actualized individual that presented as highly civilized, noble and free, without reference to any ethnicity or caste. Unfortunately, the term Aryan is an example of how words can be hijacked away from their actual meaning and further manipulated for the sinister purposes of promoting mind control ideologies used by the Controllers.

Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings were brought into this lower harmonic universe timelines by 7D Hyperborean spiritual families after the Luciferian Rebellion and again after the Atlantian Cataclysm, to help preserve the angelic human sacred teachings of the Law of One. The Law of One holds the information describing the genetic records of the 12 Essene Tribes and gives details about humanity’s true historical origins and biological ascension capability. The Celtic Church held this specific knowledge of achieving the embodiment of sacred hierogamic union to evolve into a Cosmic Christ, which is to unite and marry the inner gender principle throughout the creation and bring the celestial music of Christos-Sophia from the heavens into the Earth realm. The Cosmic Christos-Sophia Dragon Teachings were first taught by the Essene Tribes carrying the lineage of the original Celtic Church onto powerful ley lines around the Mediterranean basin. The Christos Mission teams chose this area for anchoring this frequency into the Earth which connected into several important stargates spanning southern Europe from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel and North Africa, including the Canary Islands and Azores. Thus, all of these regions hold the energetic imprints and physical evidence of the migrating Celtic Church tribes that were prevalent in those areas, before they were targeted for massacre or driven out by the NAA preferred genetic lineages that were modified and groomed to hunt down the Christos lines.

The authentic Celtic Essene groups from Hyperborea were the progenitors of the original Nazarene Christos Teachings, preserving the knowledge of the original Diamond Sun templar locations, male and female Christos-Sophia lines, historical and angelic human genetic records for Earth while she was under dark siege. Thus, sadly the ongoing covert genocidal agendas to eradicate these lineages that hold records of the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines have a long history of repeated campaigns known as the Celtic Massacres and Druid sacrifices. Many of these Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodline’s identities were adepts of the Celtic Church that became Pharaohs or Kings in the ancient times of the Mediterranean and Middle East. As a result of their spiritual power coursing in their bloodlines, their family names, likeness and legacies were stolen by the NAA hybrids to be repurposed into imposters and cloned identities in order to obfuscate who was who and confuse the inhabitants through the accounts given in the historical written records.

Mother Mary Sophia is the Cosmic Dragon

The ancient world of our Essene predecessors in the Celtic Church had the higher knowledge of a universal system of measurement and Krystic mathematical angles that activated higher spiritual potentials of alchemical expression within every living thing on the planet. These teachings included the KA-THA-RA Tree of Life and spiritual initiation rites into higher frequency realities that ignited the biological ascension capabilities of human beings, to achieve complete consciousness freedom from Earth’s spiritual oppressors and name stealers. In the ancient culture of the Celtic Church, the spiritual head of the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings for hierogamic union and the biological ascension mysteries were held by the female line of the Mother of Dragons, which later on included the lineage of the incarnation of Mary Magdalene Sophia. After the Roman invasion of Gaul, the Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings were carried on underground through the secret sects of the Sisters of Avalon and some of the Benedictine monks who were masters of alchemy from their lifelong study of these teachings. Thus, these dedicated monks were responsible for choosing the building sites and drawing up the architectural blueprints which included esoteric Cosmic Christos Dragon Teaching ascension symbolism found throughout the ancient Gothic Cathedrals in France that are consecrated to Mary. Whether considered the mother of Christ or the wife of Christ, in this context Mary is given as a sovereign title and is esoterically known as the Mother of Dragons.

During the Norman-French invasion period in the United Kingdom, they brought their version of the Mary Magdalene mystery knowledge from Gaul into the christian churches that were being built on top of already existing dragon lines and power grids. The Norman-French brought their flavor of earlier Celtic based knowledge of the sacred geometric principles that were held in divine architecture and this was later being combined with ancient Gaelic knowledge that was still being preserved in the culture, language and lands from that time.

The Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings and all that was connected to the Mother of Dragon knowledge that was exemplified by Mary Magdalene Sophia’s legacy was gradually desecrated, destroyed or converted into the Vatican approved narratives. The Draconian invasion into Rome from 2000 years ago gradually infiltrated the Greek knowledge and sacred texts in order to build the Church of Rome, which was used to hide and subvert the original Essene Christos-Sophia Dragon Teachings and spread religious mind control and spiteful misogyny in its place. This began the NAA installation of organized religions slanted in patriarchal domination that were used to distort the knowledge and remove the awareness of the existence of the Inner Christ.

The Vatican’s mission as guided by the NAA was to obliterate and pervert these original Cosmic Christos teachings being protected by the Essene lines and then target those with the sophianic knowledge for extermination. The controlling alien factions invented the violent narratives for worshipping a planetary crucified Christ in order to create mind-controlled slaves, by installing rigid dogmatic beliefs over several generations that were designed to spiritually disconnect human beings from each other and sever their inherent bio-neurological connection with the planetary intelligence. The name and signature of the Vatican is based upon the word Vaticanus which actually means Dragon, used in the spirit of mockery by the Black Suns to defile the Mother of Dragons and hide her ancient sophianic wisdom. The Vatican power was demonstrated in the misogynistic destruction used by the anti-Christ invaders imposing their demonizing narratives through the Churches authority, to instigate mass hysteria and accuse the innocent of witchcraft to justify their murderous witch hunts. By twisting the meaning of the ancient wisdom and sacred truth that was originally stolen from the Mother of Dragons and her direct lineages protecting the sacred hierogamic Christos-Sophia teachings, the spiritual truth of the Solar Female Christ was purposely extinguished by those power mongers attempting to enslave humanity.

Christos Solar Dragons are Hierogamic Union

The Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons are eternal Cosmic Suns that are the original architects of this Milky Way-Procyak creation, in which the collective unified intelligences of the Cosmic Christos Consciousness body acts as the primary creative forces that comprise the ray systems that form into electromagnetism, instruction sets and elemental substances. These consciousness units are the intelligences which form into creation codes and geomantic expressions that are the building blocks and raw materials which alchemically combine to generate the natural kingdoms and animate its planetary life forms. Christos Solar Dragons are hierogamic in their gender principle which serves the function of polarity integration and harmonization of multidimensional energies in creation systems. They transfer their eternal life animating consciousness streams into many types of geomantic expressions that are either male or female principles, that make up the planetary grid network and matter kingdom. These Cosmic Sun Creators are the eternal sovereign solar consciousnesses that choose to travel interdimensionally from within their transfiguring Dragon God body which can represent various ray systems and genetic lineages, in which all forms are sourcing from the organic creator consciousness of the Cosmic God Source Domains.

The Solar Rishic Dragons are the celestial form representatives of the Cosmic Christos Suns from the God Worlds when they enter the time matrix and become dimensionalized, meaning they take a more physicalized form to become embodied within that time and space. The Solar Dragon Christos Races are the actual Ancient Builder Races and Guardians of the creation of this matter realm. Thus, many are specifically intertwined within the planetary landscapes, as remnants of their dragon body parts can be found in many wondrous geographic features of majestic mountains, canyons and seas. The dragon bodies, dragon lines, dragon nodes and dragon eggs are spiritual features that have been relatively dormant until recent solar activations radically shifted the magnetic field and the planetary eukatharistic initiation began.

We have learned that during the planetary ascension, the Mother of Dragons must take her place as the Cosmic Dragon overseer on the Earth, so the Dragons’ many parts can finally be restored and reanimated by her life giving presence and sacred holy spirit. The Dragons and their spiritual body parts exist everywhere on the planet in physical and energetic expressions, although their consciousness properties have been in stasis during the Dark Aeon when we were spiritually adrift in the seas of chaos, without our Cosmic Holy Mother.

Dragon archetypes are typically presented in traditional stories and folklore as gatekeepers that are living in massive dark caves and guarding precious objects or rare treasures. Major cultural myths have been crafted since the NAA invasion to distort the esoteric meaning behind dragons, where the predictable rhetoric is that of heroes slaying evil fire-breathing dragons that are threatening to kill human beings. Thus, depending on where one lives and the culture one comes from, dragons are either defined as destructive and evil creatures or as benevolent and ethical protectors of the world. As the Earth is spiritually awakening, so are her original Guardian Dragon creators calling for the return of the Cosmic Solar Dragon family. The return of the Emerald Order as connected to the original Cosmic Christos Dragon founders is to ensure that all souls lost in the phantom matrix are eventually returned back to the God Source. As a result, the long-term mission to restore spiritual freedom and ascension to the sections of Earth-Tara-Gaia in the fallen matrix is also called the Emerald Covenant. These Christos spiritual families are the organic dragon creators of our planetary consciousness and are actual and genuine aspects of the planetary grid network that comprise the multidimensional layers of the Albion lightbody that is undergoing a series of Cosmic Christos Dragon activations now.

Cosmic Christos Dragon Templar Knowledge

The Dragon Teachings included geodetic knowledge of the Earth which encompassed awareness of ley lines, stargates, plasma domes, platonic solid math and cymatic based architectural principles that harnessed free energy from the natural creation systems and had awareness of the star maps that make up the planetary grid network. Thus, the planetary templar knowledge in the Emerald Founder Records were also called the Dragon Teachings as they specifically taught about the mysteries of the holographic matrix that created the Universal Tree of Life, the study of the existence of the moving energy currents throughout the ley lines and axiatonal lines of the planetary grid network, which further became known as the Dragon Lines. This planet is filled with a plethora of beneficial archetypal expressions and sacred creational patterns at holy sites that were meant for humanity to explore on a joyous and adventurous path of ascension. That wonderment and discovery to expand consciousness through communicating with the Earth intelligences, in order to know of our beautiful planet’s holographic geography, was stolen from us through frequency fences and mind control.

This same templar dragon knowledge was applied in the design of many examples of ancient architecture and in the building of stunning structures such as the many Gothic Cathedrals. Many were originally designed as sacred ritual sites for dragon mystery schools and as healing temples purposely built upon powerful planetary grid lines that converged into energetic nodes and portal systems. Currently, many of these ancient Gothic Cathedrals are undergoing specific attunements to the ongoing planetary grid solar activations to ignite the dragon lines, dragon nodes, dragon wings, dragon domes and dragon eggs. These are the organic energy components of the holographic geography of the planetary body that is awakening now, which comprise the frequency currents running within multidimensional energy systems forming the light language patterns into geomantic electromagnetic designs. The planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of multiple energy spectrums of consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal Creation code. This is how Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the mind streams of God communicate with human beings on the planet. These patterns form into holograms which are being realigned and reconnected with their correct astrological star maps, and the alchemical laws existing within those constellation patterns and their corresponding ley lines that run those particular frequencies into the Earth grid.

Dragons and their assorted parts can be considered the primary method of how the Cosmic Christos Suns that are from the Emerald Order Founding races are able to send their eternal solar plasma frequency currents into the creation and directly interact with the planetary body and all of us. Angelic humans are the energy nodes of the planetary body and when we awaken, we can communicate with planetary, Galactic, and Universal levels of the Cosmic Christos consciousness that are found inside of us and within many planetary grid features. Many Cosmic Citizens, also referred to as a Cosmic Christ utilize a sovereign God Body which takes Dragon forms, as the organic spirals of dragon time travel God technology allows unlimited transmigration ability.

The same templar knowledge existed all over the world in the ancient human culture and extends into many of the most ancient sacred Buddhist and Hindu temple sites. Such examples can still be seen in the remaining spectacular artifacts and yantras found at the Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Maharashtra. It is not an accident that Maharashtra is one of the most industrialized areas of India. Major cities and financial centers have been purposely set up near powerful dragon lines and yantra geometric grids for the purpose of harvesting their powerful energies for the elites, as well as for obfuscating their natural spiritual benefits from public knowledge. The ancient templars and builders set up spectacular divine architecture and geometric designs of yantras within this local grid network to flow dragon energy into the temples, underground caves and tunnels.

This area of the grid contains multiple intersections of dragon nodes that were being utilized for the purpose of creating powerful links for communicating directly with the Gods above and for reaping their higher energy benefits. This particular grid location holds many yantra configurations that link into the powerful portal openings of the Triple Solar Goddess principle of Tara that embodies the higher qualities of truth and liberation, currently being reclaimed for supporting the planetary collective consciousness. The Ellora caves and tunnel system have spiritual yantra links with the Cosmic Mother’s planetary consciousness within her triple forms; in the past as Green Tara, in the present as Blue Tara the liberator and in the future as White Tara, who is representative of the Cosmic Mother Sophia risen that exists as an eternal pillar of divine grace beyond all time and space.

The planetary grid amplifies the intelligence streams into higher consciousness connections that can be achieved by constructing spiritually designed buildings onto these dragon nodes which act as the supernatural transformer of converging grid line energies. These energies form into consciousness intelligence streams that are transmitted directly into the human lightbody’s nadial structure when in that location. We have also referred to the converging intersections of certain powerful grid lines as chalice points, which are energy flow fountains of zero-point energy that pour into the ley lines. Such beautiful spiritually enhanced structures were built with the comprehension of the complex mathematical knowledge of divine architecture that function similar to a musical instrument playing musical tones. Whether our body temple or an outer temple, both are carefully designed for maximizing spiritual connection, recognizing there are principles to purify our instrument for playing the resonating tones of the energy harmonics which form into a musical bridge. The musical bridge can be achieved in meditation and while playing music that contains those harmonic tones and notes which link present time and space with the living eternal light fabric of the higher frequency realms, or can even gain interconnection with the entire Cosmos.

With this awareness the ancient adepts of assorted factions of the original Cosmic Christos Dragon Teachings understood the important nature of spiritual practices, meditations and singing sacred hymns and mantras at certain times, locations and during cosmological alignments to build the harmonic musical bridge to God. They were aware that it was critical to maintain the powerful grid network connections with the celestial intelligence streams that further maintained the spiritual connections with the star maps that are energetic nodes connected into the planetary body. To align matter manifestations and the future goals of the local community with the divine order of the natural laws, all thoughts, words and actions associated with those desired future events for their community were defined within the sacred healing temples that were built for these group spiritual practices. The community participants knew that to maintain balance with nature and to achieve energetic flow of abundance in their lands, that they needed to be properly connected with the array of spiritual forces. The world of forces that are directly represented by the celestial kingdoms comprised of stars and constellations married with the natural kingdoms of the Earth realm. This was the original divine purpose of authentic hierogamic Kings and Queens, easily identified by the obvious emanation of their radiating rainbow light aura. Their solar twin embodiment was in service to the lands and the peoples, to guide and nourish the dragon lines and grids to ensure they thrived in balanced energies and multiplied energetic abundance via the Krystic aura of their unified sacred marriage lightbody at one with the heavenly realms.

Taking Care of Earth as Mother

Our planet is a Cosmic Mother, she is of the Emerald Order through which this massive aqua-emerald transmission sourcing from the Cosmic Womb is the divine giver of life that set us upon this arduous spiritual journey. Each of us was commissioned with the task to find the source of her animating holy spirit that awakens our Inner Christ. It is up to each of us to recognize the divinity inherent in the earthly creation that we are directly connected to and a part of it. As we awaken to recognize the divinity inside creation, we can figure out that we are made as an exact replica from the planetary hologram, and that we are created in God’s image. We are one angelic human species made by our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father to be the Guardians of the Earth’s surface and to awaken our Inner Christ in order to protect the sacred places of this planet and each other. This includes the extensive circuitry of the Emerald Crystal Heart network that functions as a supreme high-speed internet and intergalactic highway that connects with the Cosmic God intelligence.

Through the individual’s spiritual labors of purification directed for the divine purpose of achieving inner to outer sacred marriage in hierogamic union, the multidimensional spiritual body is transformed through the opening of the Emerald Crystal Heart, to link up directly with the Cosmic Emerald Crystal heart network. Once the individual’s crystal heart twinning is spiritually flowering from the inner alchemy occurring from the solar symbiosis of the liquid solar plasmas of the sophianic layers anchoring throughout the material form, the diamond heart network opens into all 45-degree angles, to exchange communication directly with the Cosmic Christos Consciousness. This is similar to activating the crystal heart flower as the direct router which links with the zero-point high-speed internet to access God consciousness streams in spiral no time, which is the actual function of the planetary grid system or Albion lightbody.

From the organic state of human beings living in alignment to natural laws, when we connect to the natural kingdoms on the planet, this infrastructure is hard wired in all human being’s bio-neurology to receive these intelligence streams from the planetary grid directly. There are sacred and holy sites all over the world that greatly amplify the open communication streams between the higher dimensional realities of the stars and galaxies that interact with the planet. This planet is a miniature version of a vast Galaxy of stars that holds a massive Emerald Crystal Heart network, which is the cosmic mirror of the spiritual anatomy of angelic humans where all of these components in the Galaxy can be found inside of the human body.

Thus, the Earth needs humanity to globally awaken so that we can interact and communicate with her more often in order to gain the spiritual insight needed to actually take good care of the planet. When the dark cabal falls, all of