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Cosmic Energy Update 7/26 ~ Happy Cosmic New Year ~ Every Moment is a New Moment.

The transitions that this earth and humanity are experiencing is essential in returning to the light. Change is happening, and it will be for the better or worse, depending on your acceptance or resistance to this Cosmic Energy. With this energy spreading to every nook and cranny, nothing can hide or deceive us anymore. As we receive this Light we are awakening our long hidden gifts.

This Cosmic New Year brings in the White Magnetic Wizard Energy of our Ancient Natural Wisdom.

The White Wizard signifies, Natural Magic while being Pure of the Heart.

Being Pure of Heart means To have Nothing But the Feelings of Love and Unity within your Heart. By Focusing our intent on Love we Raise our Frequency. As we raise our frequency we begin to unlock our hidden abilities, of Precognitive Sight, Intuition and many others . What one must understand is that these abilities are only awakened by our vibration. Our Vibration is whatever our "TRUE" Intentions are. So if you are just pretending to be light, and have another agenda such as self power, you will not receive these gifts.

Through this portal we are reminded that to find your truth you must go within.

Our light shines brighter when we focus our intentions on being Love. As our Light becomes brighter we begin to vibrate at a much higher frequency. This is the transformation that is the ascension. We are ascending or rising to a higher Vibration. "Self Love", or self service, is Not "Being Love". We Must learn to Love those around us, by being of service to Others. This is the True Love that raises your vibration.

We are re-discovering our Multidimensional Selves.

As we raise our vibrations, we not only are receiving our gifts, but it is thought that we are experiencing what is referred to as "Time Line Shifts". This is the concept that As we change in vibration, we jump to different time lines that match our frequency at that moment. This does explain why many experience the phenomenon of the "Mandela Effect", and others do not. This is also an example of our multidimensional self.

By being Love we are being the Light, rising up through this journey of our ascension, Every Moment, is a New Moment, And Every Moment is a New Moment to Express Love. It's up to you, what your next moment will be. We create each moment through our intent. Our thoughts, our words, and our action, express that intent. What are your True Intentions? Is it Being the Light, which is Service to Others?

We Love you and we are truly Honored to Share the Light with you.

Universal Lighthouse


Below is an earlier Post that explains the Cosmic New Year of the White Wizard.

We are Entering the Cosmic Year of the White Wizard, July 26th

The "Galactic New Year" or "Cosmic New Year" is upon us on July 26th. This is a magical time for positive transformation. This year we are rediscovering our Ancient Selves. Long ago we knew our special gifts, We were people of natural powers, connected to our Mother Earth. We are now remembering These parts of ourselves again. The energy through this portal and throughout this New Year doubles the effectiveness of our "Pure" intentions. This is the Year of the White Wizard. The Ancient practices of the White Craft was of Healing, Goodness, Oneness and of "Pure" intentions.This is the Year for our Lights to Shine as ancient Masters.


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