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Cosmic Light Update 1/27 ~ Everything in The Shadows is Exposed. The Light Is Here To Stay!

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Everything is coming out whether we like it or not, one way or another. All things in the Shadows are being revealed. This is happening within as well as without. As far as the Within This is coming as Clearing of all negative that we may be still holding onto. This purge is forcing the release of toxins of the mind, spirit, and body. This is the Light, or what is the High Vibrational Universal Energy coming from the Cosmos, shining into our every cell, awakening our DNA. Everyone on this planet is experiencing their own symptoms, to whatever is needed to clear. No one can hide from this Energy. For example: If you need to clear old hurt and pain, it will resurface itself, to be dealt with and transmuted into Higher Light. We must remember that even though these emotions, can bring us down, we know we don't have to stay in those vibrations. We can see the Anger or fear that's causing the disruption and we can change those lower vibrations into something Higher like,Understanding and Love. However Most people will not understand what is actually happening to them, resulting in a downward spiral of vibration, not wanting to let go, of old beliefs and programing.

By letting go of all things negative within the human form,We can transmute the Energies with much more ease. However this is difficult to do, everyone has an Ego. The whole Earth is also experiencing this purge of lower vibrational and 3rd Dimensional energies. Nothing of the illusion will be allowed to continue. The Truth prevails. The Light exposes all darkness, within and without.

These energies affect our Emotions, our Thoughts, our actions and reactions, and Physical Body.


How does Cosmic Changes Affect your Physical Body?