Cosmic Light Update 10/5~ Phase 2 of the Ascension ~ Light Body Activation into 5D

Blessings dear Family of Light,

During this moment in humanities awareness, many of the collective is picking up on the unity and oneness energies.We are not just ourselves, We are One with each other. Those who except this energy of Service to Others will move forward into the new vibration's of the higher dimensions, while those who wish to stay in the old programing of Service to Self, will not be able to withstand the higher energies now hitting this Planet.

During this Journey we have experienced many different types of uploads and upgrades that can cause us to have strange feelings within our bodies.

During this New phase of our ascension, the symptoms almost feel like a literal detachment from our physical body. There are those of us who are experiencing these new energies with a spacey head type of feelings, Almost to the point of letting totally go of this 3D form. Personally it has become a very creative time, to where what is within is expressing itself outward. You may feel you are spending more time focusing on the inward journey, of becoming the Light. Our Creative Nature comes directly from the Supreme Creator. When we express ourselves through art, writing, music, or any other visionary activities, we are expressing our godliness. We are allowing the Light of Infinite Creator to shine through us.


Current Advanced Symptom: Leaving Behind The 3D Body For Full Ascension

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Its finally happening ! The Light Body is now becoming fully activated for our shift into 5D! This is the FIRST time this symptom has showed up for many in the ascension process !

Many of you have felt this most current symptom of Ascension in the past few weeks—> including myself !  What does this feel like ? It feels as though your consciousness is starting to detach from your actual body. I have also talked about this in my videos the past few weeks of myself feeling it but now others are feeling it also. (You can find my videos on my you tube channel on the link at the bottom on this article )

It will give you a floating feeling and sometimes some anxiety along with it.  It can feel as though this wave is completely overtaking the body. When this happens, work to stay clam as anxiety can kick in when it happens. It does not last long for me – about 5 minutes for each episode. You may need to go to your sacred place if it does last longer to breath through it and get back in touch with yourself.

This is a NEW symptom over the past few weeks that has come online. Since it is Brand New, we need to wait to see where this takes us. I feel it will increase to more beings over the next few months.

Be sure and ground during this time, to make sure the light body takes over the way the process is intended and not sooner than it is supposed to. Grounding has been vital during the entire process and still is.

Why is this happening? It is happening now because enough have joined the ascension process to be able to start the next phase of ascension.

It is happening because many of the upgrades and downloads to the body for the masses, have been a success.

It is happening because our DNA has now reached the level where we can start Phase 2 of Ascension!

It is happening because the dark is now being brought to light on planet Earth and this leaves room for more light to infiltrate every being on the planet.

This may mean not everyone will feel this at this time. They may feel it much later, depending on their level of consciousness and the work they have done to fully let go of conditioning, programming and illusions that come with 3D life. For anyone who is not feeling this at this time,  hang on, you will.

Everyone has to feel everything in the ascension process, this is how we know we are the process, by our feelings and symptoms, there is no OTHER way. It is time to become completely real now and move on from teachings that keep us stuck.

Since I started tracking  Energy waves in 2010, I have learned not everyone feels the waves at the same time. Waves are energy specific and carry unique light codes and DNA Activations specifically for that wave.

Each person will feel the wave when they are ready for it. Everyone is not ready at the same time.

This newest symptom/ separating the body from the light body/ is preparing us for completely operating from our light body. This means a separation taking place in our consciousness of the 3D world and us. This will become more concrete towards the end of this year.

We are given plenty of notice before these changes take full effect. This is the first direct step in the transformation of our human body to the light body.  This is a preparation for our full ascension event.



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