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Cosmic Light Update 11/18 - Don't Be Afraid Of Change, We are Experiencing a Spiritual Metamorphosis

This is the season for change, and everything feels so different this year than ever before. The recent shift has totally disrupted and dislodged all the old within ourselves. Letting go of all the egotistical patterns of thinking and behavior that is damaging to ourselves, and others around us, is what is important. This is how you truly raise your vibration. As the egotistical patterns dissolve, the higher vibrations of thinking, and being Love begins to fill it's place.

Metamorphosis -

The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.

a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

Spiritual Metamorphosis -

Human nature, and the nature of change. Metaphysically speaking, the human (and animal!) soul is most likely experiencing a spiritual metamorphosis--or Transformation, at this time. There have been abrupt and profound changes occurring in this day and age; a spiritual evolution.


2019 Sagittarius Season Is Almost Here: Raise Your Vibration & Embrace Change

As the Scorpio season comes to an end next week, Sagittarius is waiting to inject us with its energy 22nd November onwards.

Sagittarius season is going to last until the Winter Solstice- 21st December 2019, and 3 energy dynamics will be affecting our lives during this time.

19-24th November we will be under rare energy when Jupiter will be aligning with the Galactic Center. But Venus adds its charm by joining this transition on 23rd November, making it the most potent day of the season.

This alignment of Jupiter and Venus with the center of the Milky Way will be sending positive energy towards us. This will open the depths of our minds to love and compassion.

Then Jupiter will be moving into the sign of Capricorn on 2nd December after 12 long years. Jupiter does not exactly flourish under this sign so make the most of its energy before Jupiter shifts.

The next energy dynamic of the Sagittarius season is the position of Mars in the zodiac of Scorpio which will be opposite to Uranus which will be in Taurus. The planets gain the exact positions on 24th November but we will be feeling its effects a few days before and after the 24th.

Mars in opposition to Uranus is mostly eruptive energy. This is the period where we will be facing some shifts that will change our perspective and direction. With Mars bringing up heated emotions, we might be feeling frustrated and irritated during this opposition.

The Mars/Uranus alignment is surely conflicting but it will be aiding us as we head towards the last major energy dynamic of the Sagittarius season. Saturn and Pluto are moving towards each other, with the plan of conjunction in January 2020.

While there is still some time left for the official conjunct, we will be feeling the energies from now on. These two are here to tear down old traditions and build new ones.

This is especially true for governments, the banking sector, and politics. They will be challenging us to raise our vibrations, release all our frustration and look forward to a new vision of the world.

Apart from these 2 energy dynamics, the Sagittarius season has a few more surprises. A Centaur aiming its arrow is the symbol of this zodiac sign and the Centaur too wants to create a new world like the Saturn/Pluto energy.

Acting as a healer, the Centaur also retains otherworldly wisdom. The bow and arrow symbolize the psychic knowledge Saggis have. Whichever direction it is fired in, the arrow will be gaining wisdom throughout its journey.

The 2019 Sagittarius season deals us some heavy cards to work with. But we must remember that we all have the energy of the Centaur within us.

So we must trust our journey and have faith that wherever we land is the place we are meant to be. Enjoying the journey is as important as reaching the destination.

The Scorpio was pretty intense with the addition of the Mercury Retrograde and the upcoming Capricorn season won’t be easy either. So now is the time to relax a bit and prepare for the next season.

Sagittarius tells us to relax and have fun. Look forward to new adventures and possibilities of life. You can travel and explore new places or even learn a new instrument to truly feel the vibe of the season!

2020 is going to be a very significant year for us all and we have been preparing for it throughout 2019. Humanity is preparing to raise its consciousness- a new reality will unfold the next year.

But before all that, this Sagittarius season allows us some time to relax, have fun and celebrate our knowledge. Raise your vibrations, be open but alert to new developments, and don’t shy away from change this Sagittarius season.

Sagittarius is helping you prepare for the coming year where you will be witnessing great new things! Enjoy the season! (Source)


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