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Cosmic Light Update 6/27 ~ The Awakening of Our Inner Warrior

For the Next 6 Months, Mars will be in Aries which represents the awakening of the Warrior within us all. We are coming into our power, feeling passionate, purposeful, and ambitious in the months ahead.

When we awaken our Warrior Spirit, it manifests itself as clarity, focus, determination, courage, consistency, and an unflappable zest for life. The warrior views hurdle as evolutionary opportunities and is not afraid to pursue a purpose to its conclusion. There is more than enough room in the existence of the warrior for softness and benevolence, and the warrior's willingness to stand up for their beliefs can aid you greatly as you strive to incorporate these ideals into your existence. Exploring this unique side of yourself is a means of broadening your reality so you can internalize the ability of mindfulness, which is essentially staying in the moment and still meet the challenges of life with an intensity of spirit that never wavers.


Mars enters Aries on June 27th, where it will stay for an extended six months.

Mars usually spends about 6 weeks in each sign, but its long stay in Aries is due to its retrograde from September 9-November 13, 2020.

Mars is ruled by Aries, so it loves being in this sign. In Aries, Mars is the warrior, helping us to find our inner power and go after what it is that we desire.

Mars in Aries is fiery, motivating energy that brings a boost of energy and helps us to feel passionate, purposeful, and ambitious.

With all this retrograde and Eclipse energy taking place these last few months, Mars in Aries will feel like a burst of inspiration, and we may even feel like we have gotten some of our motivation back. 

As Mars sails through Aries for the first few weeks, the energy is nice and strong, and we can use it to claim our power and make headway on some important projects that need completing. 

As we reach the end of July however, Mars will enter its shadow period where it begins slowing down in preparation for retrograde. 

As Mars slows down and turns retrograde, it will also start making some strong and powerful alignments with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.

These three planets have been key players all through 2020, and their energy can be traced back to a lot of what we have seen unfolding over the year so far.

With Mars activating these three planets, we are bound to see more activity stirred that is similar to what we saw earlier in the year in both January and March.

Mars’ presence may also bring greater tensions and unrest, but also a stronger motivation to find solutions.

No matter what unfolds, the message of Mars in Aries is to claim our independence and to stand in our power, rather than give it away.

Mars in Aries wants us to be the leaders of our lives. This energy is very active, it is about taking a stand, taking action, and moving past our fears. 

As Mars makes its way through Aries, it is not only going to make alignments with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, it is also going to conjunct the Goddess planets Black Moon Lilith and Eris.

All of these energies are going to flow and work together.

Here is what we can expect to see as Mars tours Aries:

  • Increased motivation to get things done

  • Desire to take back control over our lives

  • Finding the willpower needed to achieve our goals

  • Taking action on passion projects

  • Need for strong, swift action

  • General feelings of restlessness and agitation

  • Feeling moody or quick to anger

  • Butting heads with someone or something

  • Missteps when we rush or doing something with haste

  • Hostility and combativeness 

  • Discord and rising tensions in countries already experiencing unrest 

  • Increase in careless accidents

  • Anger and resistance against rules and restrictions

  • Up and down energy levels

  • Overdoing it or feeling burnt out

  • More likely to do or say something we may regret later

  • More likely to take risks and act on impulses

  • A greater desire for independence 

  • Egoic behavior 

  • Increased feelings of confidence 

  • Ability to overcome/ transcend fears 

  • A desire to claim your power back 

  • A need to face your fears

  • Momentum forward

Mars finally leaves Aries on January 7, 2021. Source:


"Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear." —Mahatma Gandhi

Venus stations direct this week, while Neptune — the 'higher octave' of Venus — turns retrograde. As Venus begins to move forward, we feel a restless, creative, idealistic impatience. Neptune's retrograde motion encourages us to find tangible routes to manifest our creative idealism. There has been a creative tension stirring since the first Venus-Neptune square back in May. We reach a moment where we can clear space, remove 'dead weight', and expand our perspective before Venus returns to square Neptune once more at the end of July. The Venus-Neptune square at the end of July will offer important opportunities to more fully describe the creative vision that has been under such pressure. The retrograde Mercury is guiding us to better understand how to achieve our dreams by finding inner security and safety. Mercury in Cancer seeks to apply information and intellect in order to find a path to easing our emotional uncertainty. We are looking for ways to share our dreams, goals, and inspiration with others. If we can't feel safe, we can't make the connections with others and instead, we become more defensive. There is a swirl of new activity this week, stirred by last Saturday's New Moon (11:41 PM 0° Cancer). However, before we can fully make use of the new impetus, we need to take time to review our situation and expand our perspectives in order to discover more potential and more options. Expanded perspectives require the safe connections that the retrograde Mercury is urging us to look for. As we begin to emerge from the confusion and chaos that has been challenging us since the beginning of the year, we need to make stronger connections with others. Without those connections, we may find ourselves stuck in a spiral of defensiveness and frustration. The intellectual, creative curiosity of Venus in Gemini craves connection. However, ruled by the retrograding Mercury in Cancer, needs a safe and secure environment in order to express the creativity effectively.

We feel the 'sea change' of the New Moon on Sunday. However there is cautious hesitancy to move ahead. Neptune turns retrograde on Monday, encouraging us to deepen our perspective and find tangible routes to express our creativity. We are encouraged to expand our boundaries and our perspectives on Tuesday. The nervous energy is felt as a 'call to action'. The Moon is VOC all day Wednesday, leading to breakdowns in leadership and garbled messages that don't fully express the creative vision we are trying to express. We return to hesitant cautiousness on Thursday but recognize that our perspectives have changed. Curious excitement is stirred on Friday but restlessness may keep us from making deep and tangible connections that allow us to fully express our insights. Breakthroughs are possible on Saturday. We begin to find extra support to pare away dead weight and clear space for new initiatives.



Mars squares the Lunar Nodes. We’re at a powerful turning point. Our actions matter, especially over the next few days. With Mars about to enter Aries, touching on the recent solar eclipse, events may feel fated or even more important than usual.

Mars has been in Pisces since May 13. During this time it’s been about learning not only to surrender, but to align our actions towards a greater good. We had to wield power with empathy and compassion. But we also needed to heal where power, especially the abuse of power, has caused others to suffer.

Come Saturday, June 27, Mars arrives in Aries. It’s a spark or a catalyst. It’s like slamming on the gas after idling for months. We’re going to want to start moving fast in a particular part of our lives depending on where Aries falls in our chart. We’re finding our courage and bravery. We’re also feeling more restless, impatient, or even argumentative.

So, we’re on the cusp of big changes, especially as Mars crosses the June 21 solar eclipse degree. The Moon also reaches its first quarter this weekend. Pay attention to the stories coming forward. They are connected to the solar eclipse and the new beginnings it ushered in. Source:


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