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Cosmic Light Update 8/15 ~ Full Moon Energies ~ We Are in Full Bloom

The Full moon in August has been called many things, from the "Sturgeon Moon" to The "Moon When All Things Ripen". This is also What is considered the Full Moon in Aquarius. These Cosmic energies bring with them the opportunity to reach our fullest potential, the signs of maturing. This is also a time for us to reflect on our journey.

For those who are actively receiving this Light, We are in Full Bloom. Open your heart to this Light with the knowing that you are becoming your best. Absorb these waves to bring in your highest Light.

With us being in our Highest Light we become a beacon of Healing and Love.

As Workers of the Light we are given this chance to Shine with Our Brightest Colors.

But, Remember this energy goes both ways, For some we will continue to become brighter, for others their darkest will be amplified. The Full Moon in Aquarius is asking us to look at the life we are leading and ask, ‘Am I going in the direction of my best possible future? Is my Energies in alignment with this divine Light?…


The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges.

Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships.

If we see problems, before it happens, we can transmute these energies.


"Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi


While sending love and praying for peace is powerful it is far more powerful to act with love and to be at peace.


The Full Moon on August 15th falls in the sign of Aquarius and is going to be shedding a light on what we can do to serve each other.

Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian and is represented by a woman carrying a jug of water. The woman symbolizes the healer in us all and the water symbolizes the heavy emotions, the pain, and the suffering of the world.

As the water bearer, Aquarius has the natural gift and ability to take these heavy emotions and transform them into something lighter. She doesn’t absorb the water or take it on as a part of her, she is an air sign, and uses her higher mind, her search for the truth in order to transform and cleanse the water before returning it to the Earth.

All of us have Aquarian energy within us, and on this Full Moon, we are going to be guided to bring healing, lightness, and love to the world.



Full Moon August 2019 Astrology

The August 15 full moon at 22°24′ Aquarius is most affected by Venus, the planet of love. The chart below shows the full moon is opposite Venus by only 0°20′ orb which is very strong. While Venus has a soft, loving influence, the opposition makes this a challenging moon phase.

Mars adds some anger to the love story while Pluto gives this full moon a darker theme involving control and power imbalances of a karmic nature. The full moon is in a fortunate area of the sky for fixed stars. However, a stronger influence comes from more destructive stars joining the Sun, Venus, and Mars.

Full Moon August 2019 Astrology



In ancient times, the changing seasons were often tracked by the lunar month (not the solar month).

Today, we have adopted many of these full Moon names as a nod to the change of seasons, too. Think of it as a way to stay connected with the natural world around us.

Specifically, Native American tribes often named the months after “start of season” cues. These names could differ by tribe, depending on where the people lived. 

The Full Moon for August is called Sturgeon Moon because Native Americans knew that the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this full Moon.

Other names for this Full Moon include ”Full Green Corn Moon,” signaling that the corn was nearly ready for harvest, “Wheat Cut Moon,” “Moon When All Things Ripen,” and ”Blueberry Moon.”


Full Sturgeon Moon: Get Ready For The Massive Energy Shift On August 15th 2019

This upcoming full moon is genuinely one that will not be forgotten.

People who pay attention to synchronicity and believe in a certain code of fate will immediately notice it occurs at 22 degrees Leo and Aquarius, in perfect conjunction to Venus as well at 22 degrees Leo, emphasizing social interaction, romantic encounters, connections between people and the fabric of culture.

This is the number that has been repeatedly emphasized with astrology in recent times, in my opinion for the fact that one of the most important aspects of this entire decade sees its first exact peak at 22 degrees Capricorn: Saturn conjunct Pluto.

It has been suggested that people in power believe in sort of encoding events with numbers, in order to achieve some result from the universe.

It's debatable whether or not this is actually possible, but some speculate that events publicized in the media may purposefully use a certain number, such as 22, to somehow align with an energy that is inherently present in the astrology of this upcoming period of time.

It's an objectively true fact that astrological events continue to happen with an unusual amount of "22's."

The full moon also peaks at the very end of the night on the west coast of America, right around 5:15 a.m. on August 15.



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