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Cosmic Light Update 8/21-23 ~ The Blue Moon & The Embodiment of The Higher-Self

Cosmic Light Update 8/21-23 ~ The Blue Moon & The Embodiment of The Higher-Self.

Beautiful Blessings Dear Family of Light,

We are already receiving the Full moon Energies for August 22nd. As always The Full Moon is a time of heightened energy, activity, and emotions. You can access the power of Full Moon energy for about a week: three days before the Full Moon, on the day, and three days after. However this Moon is Much more significant than most. First it is a Blue moon being a Rare "4th" of the season. This is giving a major boost for this ascension. Plus as many channels have verified, This moment is being accessed for Our Higher -selves to step forward in a more direct way. We will each, if receptive of the energy will begin to receive personal guidance directly from our higher-selves. Our Higher self has always been there, we know them in a simple form as the Angel on our shoulder. But from now on, instead of being on our shoulder, they will be walking by our side. From the Full Moon on, we will begin to experience much more intense communication from this Light. Once we except this energy from the Light, we will be able to embody our Higher-selves with much more ease and frequency. All of our higher-selves reside within the 6th dimension or above. With this more direct guidance, we will be able to advance in the Light at a much faster pace, this helping all those of humanity who choose the Path of Light, and this Earth through the ascension process. The Earth began her Journey through the photon belt in the 1960's. She has been held back in her ascension within the Light. She now, is trying to catch-up, she should have already begin this transformation years ago, technically in 2012. Now she is at a breaking point. It is confirmed that she is about to shift into a Higher 4th dimensional Planet. During this Shift, we too, must rise in the Light. This is the purpose of the Lights intervention. We will now be directed and guided by our personal God-self, to raise to the occasion, of Mother Earth's and our own Ascension. by Chellea @


What does The Farmers' Almanac Say about This Moon

The saying "once in a blue moon" is especially pertinent this week: This Sunday (Aug. 22), the full Sturgeon Moon is expected to impress skygazers, particularly because of its "blue" designation.

Typically, the term "Blue Moon" refers to the second full moon within the same month. The last one rose on Oct. 31, 2020, when an eerie Blue Moon lit up the night sky on Halloween. But there's a lesser-known definition, dating to 1528, which applies to the third full moon in a season with four full moons.

August's full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, according to the Maine Farmers' Almanac, which first published the names of the full moons in the 1930s.

The Algonquin tribes in North America reportedly called this the Sturgeon Moon because these fish were plentiful in the Great Lakes and other waterways this time of year.

Other events associated with August's full moon include the Hindu festival Raksha Bandhan, which celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters; the Nikini Poya holiday in Sri Lanka, which commemorates the first Buddhist council 2,400 years ago; and the Hungry Ghost Moon Festival in China, when ghosts and spirits, including those of deceased family members, are thought to visit the living. Source, Live Science


Here’s The Spiritual Meaning Of The Blue Moon

Get ready for some rare and one-of-a-kind lunar magic, as the full moon rising on August 22 is the second one in a row to take place in the sign of Aquarius — which gives us double the opportunity to make good on our summer goals. The August 2021 full moon (aka the Sturgeon Moon) will inspire us to embrace our individuality and make necessary adjustments to support our personal intentions. Ultimately, the spiritual meaning of the Sturgeon Moon helps us to align with the abundant and nourishing energy of summer.

Full moons in astrology are the energetic highpoint of our monthly lunar cycle, so they tend to bring about an overload of emotional climaxes, personal illuminations, and natural conclusions. Because feelings and situations often come to a peak during full moons, they’re great for exhaling anything that’s no longer serving us and making room for fresh energy in our lives. The August 2021 full moon is extra special, as it’s the second full moon in Leo season — making it an astrological blue moon. We usually only have one full moon in Aquarius each year, so the spiritual meaning of the full blue moon relates to revisiting the rebellious and unconventional themes of last month’s big lunation, and finding fresh ways to engage with our friends and communities.

Understanding the spiritual energy of the full moon can help us to get in tune with nature’s cycles and set more cosmically aligned goals for ourselves. Get the scoop on the August 2021 full moon meaning and how to use its vibes to your advantage.

What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of August’s Blue Moon?

The annual full moon that takes place in August is sometimes called the Sturgeon Moon — a traditional nickname that’s based on the fact that giant sturgeon fish were plentiful (and therefore easiest to catch) at this point in the summer. So naturally, the spiritual meaning of the August 2021 full moon symbolically aligns with the bountiful and feast-worthy vibe of the Sturgeon Moon’s origin story. Now’s a time to embrace a carpe diem attitude when it comes to manifesting your intentions and confidently capitalize on the double Aquarius blue moon magic.

It’s important to note that August’s full blue moon takes place during the final hours of Leo season 2021, acting an emotionally-charged finale. This full moon is taking place at the 29th degree of Aquarius, which is critical point known as the anaretic degree in astrology. Each zodiac sign is made up of 30 degrees (0–29), so any time a planet reaches a sign’s final degree, its energy will be bursting with an eager and excitable sense of anticipation for what’s ahead. With the full moon peaking at this significant degree, we’ll all be buzzing with the cumulative energy of the past month’s journey — and we’ll have a chance to find some closure on whatever themes arose for us during July’s full moon, too.

How To Work With The Full Blue Moon Energy

With the Sturgeon Moon rising in the realm of air sign Aquarius, we’ll all want to indulge our most innovative ideas and find creative ways to express our individuality. Aquarius energy is about setting ourselves apart from the crowd and marching to the beat of our own drums — but it’s also just as much about using our unique quirks and weirdness to build a sense of camaraderie with others. By aligning with the spiritual meaning of the August full moon, we can break free of outdated traditions, make adjustments to the rules we choose to follow (and the ones we want to break), and revisit the plans we made earlier in the summer with a more fearless and forward-thinking perspective.

The term “once in a blue moon” refers to how infrequently we have two full moons during a single month or astrological season, so don’t sleep on the mystical magic that this powerful lunation has to offer. The full blue moon’s spiritual meaning will illuminate our hopes and wishes for the future, so it’s a great time to meditate on your personal intentions. Perform a simple full moon ritual by getting yourself in a peaceful zone, visualizing the future you want to create for yourself in detail, and then setting a solid step-by-step plan to get you there. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so its focused and intellectual vibe will imbue us with steadfast determination while also activating our creativity.



The Full Sturgeon Moon on August 22 Asks You to Embrace Your Individuality

Heads up, stargazers: The next full Moon will fall on Sunday, August 22. During the full Moon phase, the face of the Moon is visible for about three days. But aside from the sheer spectacle of it, why should you care about a full Moon?

Within astrology, the Moon represents people's emotional landscapes. So during the time of the full Moon, the innermost parts of your life are said to be litup like the Moon, leading to heightened emotions—and a chance to dig deep through forgiveness rituals and journaling.

This upcoming luminary is particularly special. In addition to falling on the first day of Virgo season, it's also considered a Blue Moon. Here's what to know about this August's full Moon in Aquarius.

When can I see August's full Moon in Aquarius?

Look up on of Sunday, August 22. The full Moon will reach its peak at 8:02 a.m. EDT, per Farmer's Almanac, and will appear to be full both the night before and the following day.

What does August's full Moon in Aquarius mean, astrologically speaking?

August's full Moon in Aquarius is in conversation with July's full Moon, which is also in Aquarius. The full Moons in Aquarius want you to embrace your individuality—eccentricities, err, minor imperfections, strengths and all—and be your truest self.

The Aquarius Moon shines a kind light on who you are, but not only for your benefit. A humanitarian, global-minded sign, Aquarius urges you to use your strengths to benefit the collective. How can you assist your community this month?

Further, astrologers also look at how other celestial movements may impact the effect of the full Moon. During this time, expansive planet Jupiter—currently retrograde in Aquarius—connects with the Moon and opposes the Sun. Remember, within astrology, the Moon represents the inner life, and the Sun houses public life. Jupiter's warmth is encouraging you to focus on your own needs, too. Don't skimp on the self-care.

Finally, note the sense of urgency associated with this full Moon, which falls in the 29 degree, the last degree before the Moon enters the sign of Pisces. During this time, you may feel pressured to act without thinking matters through. The message here is to proceed with caution. Reflect on who you are (Aquarius full Moon vibes), then take a step forward in a direction you're confident about.

What rituals do astrologers recommend trying during the full Moon?

The astrological practice of Moon mapping associates rituals with each of the Moon's eight phases. Here are a few rituals to consider taking on during August 22's full Moon.

  • Astrologists say that positive affirmations can heal the heart. The night of the full Moon, write down five things that you love about yourself and say them out loud while facing yourself in the mirror. As you speak, really hear yourself, and feel full of pride. As Oprah once said, "You should be full of yourself, so you have more of yourself to give to other people."

  • In line with Aquarius's giving and spontaneous spirit, do something nice for someone without expecting anything in return.

  • Get out your journal and reflect on how much you’ve grown. Specifically, take note of the changes that have taken place in your life since 2018. What would you like to change in the next three years?

  • Aquarius rules the calves and ankles. Pamper yourself by wrapping your legs in a hot towel with drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil.

  • Start a meditation practice (these apps will help). Concentrate on one of the mantras we provide below.

The full Moon has a message for each zodiac sign.

Each sun sign will be affected by the full Moon on August 22 differently, according to astrologers. Meditate on one of the below mantras, depending on your sun sign, as part of your full Moon ritual.

  • Aries: I'm a giver and a taker.

  • Taurus: I will reach a state of balance.

  • Gemini: I don't know everything, and that's okay.

  • Cancer: I am on the cusp of change.

  • Leo: I can put others before myself.

  • Virgo: I will let myself live in the moment.

  • Libra: I will let my creativity soar.

  • Scorpio: I will give of myself freely.

  • Sagittarius: I will speak kindly and from the heart.