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Cosmic Light Update 8-9 ~ The Scales are Tipping ~To Be, or Not To Be Love

This Lion's Gate portal peak proved to be intense, these waves of Light, have brought many changes and experiences, that has redirected humanity in a totally new direction. The Light is Here and it's on a Mission, to transform All in it's Path.

It's Not over yet!!

The Choice must be made to except these Higher Energies, by becoming Love, or feel the results of the alternative. The longer you hold onto the lower negative emotions such as hate, greed, selfishness, control, and separation, you are creating a lower vibrational timeline for yourself. Because you are in those lower emotions most of the time, you will receive what is needed for you to change your Mind. If you choose the Higher Vibrations of the positive emotions the majority of your time, you will experience the much higher frequency time line shifts. Where you are now is exactly where you need to be for your spiritual growth. The More we stay in the higher vibrations of Love, giving, and gratitude, we manifest the best possible outcome for ourselves.

In every moment we make a choice to be or not to be Love. Humanity has been taught to be totally of self service. This is a very primitive way of thinking, and has been instilled in us from childhood. Just because nature is survival of the fittest doesn't mean that we have to revert back to that lower consciousness. What it means is as Humans we have become civilized enough to understand our connection with each other, We can Understand Love. Love is our true spiritual growth, the more you can learn to Love, the Higher your vibration becomes. This is raising you to the Highest possible Timeline for your personal Spiritual growth.

When we overload ourselves with negative activities and jobs, We put ourselves into depression and unneeded stress that can create a continued downward spiral in our health and in our happiness. The more time we spend in the Love Energies the easier it is to create our best possible timeline.

We must think as the Time here as a scale, the more time you spend in the Light energies, the more the scale will be tipped toward the Light. therefore, bringing more Light into your Life. This is how this universe works. The More energy we put toward something this is what we create for ourselves.

During these special portals throughout each year, we are able to manifest at a much more accelerated rate. What we manifest is what is in our heart, our true intentions. The Goodness you have in your heart, manifests as the beauty in your life. The more pure of heart you become, the higher and brighter your Light becomes.


Where are we in an astrological point of view?

August 2019 Energy Report

August 8, 2019 ~ admin

Jennifer Hoffman – We’re moving towards the busy part of the year and I’m not talking about the upcoming holidays, I am referring to the forward movement of the ascension projection as we recover from a challenging Mercury retrograde and move into the setup for the historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction of 2020.

August has a strong creative energy and its theme is harmonic balance through energy potential, using the energy inflows and outflows in a concerted, intentional, and deliberate way to create congruence. We’re in new energy, ascension, and transformation territory now, the limitations of the past are slipping away to be replaced with unlimited creative potential. How will we use it and what is possible? Let’s explore what this new month has to offer.

August begins and ends with new moons, so we begin and end the month between two energy bookends that represent new beginnings. The full moon mid-month features a rare Sun/Venus conjunction, a very romantic and creative aspect. With the moon in Aquarius, the water bearer and the sign ruled by unpredictable Uranus that represents the flow of energy, we bring in the healing power of water and energy flow. And healing is a major theme for the month of August but not in the way you have learned for the last 20 years or more.

Water can be healing and soothing and is one of the only elements that can be a solid, liquid, and a gas at the same time. It can quench  our thirst or it can drown us. It can be the gentle rain that waters the ground or a raging torrent that washes everything away. On an energetic level, the energy of water is also very healing. Do you remember Dr. Emoto’s work with water and energy? Look it up, it has great significance for this month.

The energy this month is like that and just as water’s movement over time can carve through a mountain, think of the Grand Canyon here, the healing flow of energy can wash away our pain as well, when we get around to allowing that to happen. The choice of how far we will expand into joy, how much healing we allow, and when it begins and ends is entirely up to us – but that is not necessarily true in August.

The need for true healing – which is a process of completion and closure – is so important now that we are going to get what it takes to awaken us to our healing so we can achieve wholeness and move into congruence. Are we going to let in the gentle rain wash away the dust of the past or will it take a raging tsunami to set us on our healing path?

It’s the congruence that is necessary because we must be able to receive energy that we can expand into new potentials and not continue to plow it into the already overworked soil of our  karmic cycles, regrets, pain, fear, doubt, anxiety, and frustration. We must complete our healing cycles now so we can move on into bigger and better things.

We have some help this month in the form of a beautiful aspect between Venus, Jupiter and Mercury the week of the 5thand then late in August we have Venus, Mars, and Mercury together in Virgo. Now this isn’t the best placement for Venus or Mars who don’t like the martyrdom and service of Virgo but it’s going to be great for relationship healing (and that includes our relationship with ourselves) as they also connect with Chiron, which I believe is Virgo’s true planetary ruler, currently in Aries.

Remember Chiron is the wounded healer, forever doomed to suffer from a wound that would never heal. To paraphrase the story in Greek mythology, Chiron was wounded by a friend who carelessly shot an arrow in his direction. He finally heals his wound by agreeing to take the place of Prometheus and allowing his liver to be devoured by an eagle (liver stores emotional energy), which results in his death. Does this ring any bells for you?  If that seems a little gruesome, consider the greater context of how we complete our healing.

Here’s a question for you – do you ever try to complete your healing by healing someone else? Do you ever martyr yourself on behalf of someone’s healing? When does your ‘helping hand’ become an all-out takeover of their life and the total surrender of yours? That’s a consideration for August – how much we are invested in others’ healing and what we do to ensure that it happens, to the detriment of our own path.

And August is the final month of 2019 where we have to deal with many retrogrades as we start seeing direct motion with Jupiter on the 11th, the same day Uranus goes retrograde but that’s a good thing because Jupiter ushers in plenty of support for our healing in a more manageable way, without Uranus sticking its unpredictable head in the process.  Jupiter expands and Uranus in retrograde puts on the brakes a little but not too much.

Over the next 4 months we start seeing all of the planets go direct (we have on more Mercury retro in November) which sets us up for no retrogrades in January, at the exact moment of the historic Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

With all of this healing energy flying around in August around our question is not whether we can finally get this done but instead, how much healing can we allow and what are we going to do next because we have been healers and light workers for lifetimes, now it is time for us to consider other options for our energy. Are we ready to be healed, whole, and congruent? Do we have any idea what that means?

How do you know this is happening to you? Have you ever noticed that when your computer operating system is ready for an update it starts slowing down? Pages load more slowly, you can’t complete your tasks as quickly, and that annoying window pops up at the most inopportune times, reminding you that an update must be done so you need to re-start your computer (or it will re-start it for you)?

Then, if  you accidentally click the ‘enter’ key while the update window is open your computer shuts down and the update starts whether you want it to or not… That’s what this process is like. It is going to happen, one way or another, and we’re getting the signs that it’s time for an upgrade, update, reset, and reboot. We’ll try to ignore it but eventually it will happen to us.

As we cross this new threshold into a new paradigm of being, our energetic sovereignty becomes more important than ever as we allow everyone to be in their own energy space as we gather our energy resources so we can focus on shining the light on our own path so we can expand and explore our own potential. Have a great month.

Copyright (c) 2019 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

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