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Cosmic Light Update 9/10 ~ Entering The Harvest Moon Portal & The Rise of the Spirit of the Jaguar

"In the Eyes you will see the power of her intent"

The Jaguar energy is a very powerful totem, bringing us courage, strength, beauty, renewal, focus, loyalty, feminine energy and Spiritual Power. And with the Powers of this Harvest moon, means achieving completion, or Becoming Spiritually Mature.

This Harvest moon portal is bringing the opportunity for connecting with our core powers. When we choose to be of the higher vibrations, We choose to be Pure of Heart becoming Love and Light. By Doing so we can access our special gifts through our own Source Light within us. The higher in vibration we become, the easier it is to embody these gifts. (You must be of Love and Light, With no intent for Self Gain).

The Harvest Moon portal also brings us the opportunity to strengthen ourselves mentally and achieve more confidence in our own inner guidance. This Energy is the rising of the feminine, and the surrendering to becoming Love. When you focus your intent on becoming the Light, you become Service to Others. When we become selfless, where we wish for the betterment of the all, we Become Love. By Becoming Love, we raise our vibrations.

It is important to keep our emotions in the higher vibration within the next several days. The Dark ones are pushing for a deception and confusion type of event. Do not let yourself fall to the lower emotions of Anger, or becoming moody, This could cause impulsive actions. Remember to stay focused in the Heart. The Dark Ones use the energies for their own agenda, Causing Chaos in our outer worlds and trying to Stop us from hearing our inner guidance. Remember to Trust your own intuition.



9/10-9/13- Jaguar Cycle

9/10 Full moon Portal opens

9/13 Full Moon Conjunct Neptune