Cosmic Light Update 9/10 ~ Entering The Harvest Moon Portal & The Rise of the Spirit of the Jaguar

"In the Eyes you will see the power of her intent"

The Jaguar energy is a very powerful totem, bringing us courage, strength, beauty, renewal, focus, loyalty, feminine energy and Spiritual Power. And with the Powers of this Harvest moon, means achieving completion, or Becoming Spiritually Mature.

This Harvest moon portal is bringing the opportunity for connecting with our core powers. When we choose to be of the higher vibrations, We choose to be Pure of Heart becoming Love and Light. By Doing so we can access our special gifts through our own Source Light within us. The higher in vibration we become, the easier it is to embody these gifts. (You must be of Love and Light, With no intent for Self Gain).

The Harvest Moon portal also brings us the opportunity to strengthen ourselves mentally and achieve more confidence in our own inner guidance. This Energy is the rising of the feminine, and the surrendering to becoming Love. When you focus your intent on becoming the Light, you become Service to Others. When we become selfless, where we wish for the betterment of the all, we Become Love. By Becoming Love, we raise our vibrations.

It is important to keep our emotions in the higher vibration within the next several days. The Dark ones are pushing for a deception and confusion type of event. Do not let yourself fall to the lower emotions of Anger, or becoming moody, This could cause impulsive actions. Remember to stay focused in the Heart. The Dark Ones use the energies for their own agenda, Causing Chaos in our outer worlds and trying to Stop us from hearing our inner guidance. Remember to Trust your own intuition.



9/10-9/13- Jaguar Cycle

9/10 Full moon Portal opens

9/13 Full Moon Conjunct Neptune

9/14 Galactic Activation Portal Day

9/18 Saturn Direct

9/19 Galactic Activation Portal Day & Last Day of 2nd Moon cycle

9/20 1st day of 3rd Moon cycle (13 moons)

9/22 Cosmic energy with Galactic Activation Portal Day

9/23 Equinox- Last day of the Jaguar 13 day cycle


The Jaguar helps to dive into our deeper power and knowing to release social structures & programs within the collective consciousness. The Sun is opposite Neptune as the Jaguar 13 day cycle begins and the Full Moon Portal opens on 9/10 bringing alot of sensitivity and can also bring confusion at times. Imprints within the emotional body, astral body and subtle shifts in astral currents can be felt more easily with this Full Moon on 9/13. There may also be a Solar Storm coming in along with this Full Moon 9/13-9/14. #Poleshift #FullMoon #Jaguar

Jaguar cycle is from the Full Moon portal opening 9/10 until Equinox 9/23- a powerful time of divination, picking up on psychic impressions/astral currents/thoughtforms/projections. Be more aware of what you are feeding your subjective mind during this time. Don't listen to things you don't want to create- shift your conscious thought to direct your subconscious with intent if you pick up on neg energy/fear/anxiety, choose to be in control and trust that you are ONE with Universal intelligence. Know that You are worthy, beautiful and loved. It all starts with the Feminine & the physical Female embodying the Feminine- must be empowered.



September’s Full Moon

This month’s full Moon reaches peak fullness at 12:33 a.m. EDT on Saturday, September 14. Look skyward on the night of the 13th for the best view of this Full Harvest Moon!

The Harvest Moon

This year, the September full Moon is called the Harvest Moon. Unlike other full Moon names, which are specific to their respective months, the Harvest Moon is not tied to September. Instead, it depends on an astronomical event: the autumnal equinox. The full Moon that occurs nearest to the equinox (September 22 or 23) takes on the name “Harvest Moon,” rather than its traditional name. (This means that a Harvest Moon could occur in either September or October.)

The Harvest Moon provides the most light at the time of year when it was traditionally needed most: during the harvest! 

Read more about the Harvest Moon.


This week’s Friday the 13th will have a rare full moon — which only happens once every 20 years

This week, Denverites will be able to see a rare occurrence: a full moon will appear on Friday the 13th.

This particular convergence of time and space is rare, happening only about once every 20 years, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

It’s the last full moon in summer before the autumnal equinox, said Kyle Fredin, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Boulder.



What does a Jaguar Symbolize?

The jaguar is a prominent figure in the mythology of many American cultures. The jaguar was a symbol of strength and power in the pre-Columbian South and Central America.

It was a sacred animal in many of their cultures. During religious rituals they performed, people were dressed in their skins.

The Maya civilization considered the jaguar an animal which enabled a communication between the living and the dead and it was considered a protector of the royalty.

The Aztecs also respected the jaguar and considered it as a symbol of rulers and warriors.

The jaguar totem animal symbolizes focus, power, intention, mystery, solitude, isolation, aggressiveness, feminine power, psychic power, leadership, sensuality, strength, life, protectiveness, confidence, maternity, courage, loyalty, grace, beauty, ferocity, confronting enemies and danger, vision, and foresight.

The Jaguar Meaning as a Spirit Animal

The jaguar totem can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Beauty. Jaguars are beautiful animals. This totem animal teaches you to appreciate beauty in all its forms, especially the beauty of nature. With this animal as your totem, you are most likely already a fan of nature and its wonders. You can also be a person with a beautiful appearance.

Grace. Jaguars have a graceful appearance. This totem animal gives you the gift of graceful appearance in all life situations and circumstances. You are a person who exudes admiration of others because of your graceful appearance.

Communication. Jaguars communicate with each other with different sounds, from roaring, grunting, growling, to meowing. As totem animals, jaguars teach you of the importance of communicating with others, especially about your needs and desires. If the jaguar is your totem animal, you are most likely good at communicating and you can even be very sharp with your words, cutting through lies and deceits of other people.

Although there is nothing wrong with being truthful and honest, you should learn the skills of communicating properly and avoiding the risk of hurting someone’s feelings with your overly direct approach.

There are much subtler ways of telling the truth, and there’s no reason to upset the person you are talking to with your directness.

Isolation and solitude. Jaguars are loners. These are solitary animals who get together solely for the purpose of procreation, after which they part their ways. With this totem animal, this is most likely your trait as well. This trait sometimes represents a burden to you because you have the need and desire for intimate companionship, but you can’t seem to establish a committed relationship that easily.

The jaguar totem animal helps you overcome these barriers and open up to intimacy and sharing your life with someone special.

Confidence and leadership. Jaguars are confident animals. They should be because they don’t have any natural predators. This totem animal gives you this gift as well, teaching you to trust your abilities to achieve anything you want. If the jaguar is your totem, you are probably confident and people respect you for that.

You are considered a born leader and have many followers because you seem to trace the way for others.

The Jaguar as Your Totem Animal

If you have the jaguar as your totem, you are most likely a very passionate and confident person.

You also have a deeper knowing and understanding of life and things around you. You are brave and embrace changes with ease. You are also creative and intuitive and you allow your inner being to guide you on your life path.

The jaguar gives you a natural graceful attitude and beauty. The way you move and appear in public leaves people amazed with your appearance.

Regardless of how amazing you might look, you might have problems with social interactions and relationships with others because of your inborn solitary and aloof nature.

With the jaguar as your totem, your lesson might be to become more communicative and open to others.

You need to overcome the need for isolation, so you can enjoy a fulfilled and meaningful life in the company of other people.

What if a Jaguar Appears in Your Life?

The jaguar appears in our lives to remind us that it is time to finally deal with some old issues which are blocking our progress and movement forward in life.

This totem animal often reminds you to stop leading the solitary life you are leading and begin opening yourself to people.

Find some friends and go out more often. If you don’t have issues with your social life you might be having troubles finding a romantic partner and settling in a committed relationship.

The jaguar calls you to open your heart to love.

Sometimes a jaguar appears in our life to ask us to react fast in some situation to seize an important opportunity. If you see a jaguar, look around you.

Are there some opportunities you have been waiting for some time and you weren’t aware of them?

The jaguar could also be a reminder that it is time to work on developing your spirituality and your inborn psychic gifts.



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