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Cosmic Light Update for October ~"Sight" Through The Veil & Feeling the Rhythm of this Universe

As we enter this powerful time of year we must be reminded that the energy is amplified not only during this season but because everything is magnified and seen during this year of "20/20".

Feeling the Rhythm of this Universe

Extreme movement is happening in our personal lives as well as throughout the world. This transformation is needed to move forward into the Light.

Everything is placed by Divine purpose. By going with the Flow of Change rather than Fighting to stay the same, you create a smooth transition into the next steps of your spiritual growth. However, by resisting the movement, you create chaos and disharmony which hinders your spiritual journey.

Many feel that they need to control their life and do not do well with Change. Movement is a constant in this Universe. This is the Law of Rhythm. everything is in constant change and movement. When we try and control or stop this natural shift, we cause a ripple in the energy, which causes chaos within our lives.

The ones who wish to control this earth, are literally trying to stop its natural rhythm. They were also trying to stop our "Natural" return to the light.

Part of this awakening is remembering that you are a part of this Universe, not something separate. We grow in the understanding of the Oneness with All that exists. When you move with the Universe rather than against it, you create a positive shift toward the Light.

We may not understand why we are shifted this way or that at the moment, but all is for reason. Your Divine Purpose is a Natural movement towards the light. When we let Go of the Edge and let the Universe show us the way, we connect with that Flow of Energy, allowing for a smooth transition. As you may already be aware, Universal Lighthouse is also in a transition. Within the next month we will be changing location. So please bear with us during this shift.

"Sight" Through The Veil

During this time of year, we always experience what is known as the "Thinning of the Veil". What this means is that the divide between this physical world and the spiritual realms are very thin. Paranormal and supernatural occurrences happen more often than the rest of the year. Many Ancient cultures held Ceremony during this season, to pay tribute to loved ones who have passed on and to create stronger spiritual connection, not to mention the Dark work that is done. Since ancient times this has been a very important time of year for those who work with Energy, Dark, and Light.

Not only does the Veils thin towards darkness, but it also thins towards the Light as well. Meaning that you make the choice of what Energy you wish to feed at this time. When we are in the lower vibrations of hate, fear, greed, and control, you attract the lower entities and energies. If you are of Love, truth, gratitude, and forgiveness vibrations you will attract Higher vibrational beings and energies.

For several generations, the ones who wish control have tried to make us fear what is on the other side of the Veil. Many of us have witnessed other beings stepping in and out of our reality, whether it is a "Ghost" of someone passed or an "Angel" or "Demon" type beings, that manipulate our reality.

When we are in the Lower Vibrational Emotions of "fear" the darker vibrational beings feed off of that energy, so they surround those who are in constant fear and hate towards others. When you are in constant focus of Love and Gratitude and other Higher emotions, the Lower vibrational entities can not feed off of you so they leave you alone. However, the Light beings are then attracted to you when you choose to be of the higher vibrations.

What you Feed yourself in energy, is what you will collect around you.

This is why the ones who wish control, have pushed fear and darkness during this season. The more they can keep you in the Darkness the less you know your own Power.


October Astro Forecast: Strong Cosmic And Spiritual Energies

Yes, 2020 has been a lot. For some people, anxiety levels are peaking at the moment. If you are one of them, take a deep breath. October has good news.

Things will finally start making sense as we reach the tenth month of this year. October traditionally signifies completion. We will witness one level end and sense a new beginning.

However, we should also note that with endings come a few turbulences. The good thing about it is that these tiny bumps will be resolved before we leave October. As promised, October will represent the closing of a chapter.

Here are the Cosmic events that will accompany October 2020.

Aries Full Moon

On the 1st of October, a Full Moon will shine under Aries. This Lunar event is perfect for you to release and purge yourself of any resentments you might be suppressing. Under the Aries Full Moon, it’s natural to feel agitated.

Mars Conjunct Eris

On 3rd October, Mars will conjunct Eris. Eris will inspire us to stand up for ourselves and reclaim our powers. The energies of Eris and Mars might be a little too strong for some. So, just be mindful of other people’s feelings as well.

Pluto Goes Direct

Since April earlier this year, Pluto has been in Retrograde. On 4th October, it will go direct. Under this Cosmic event, we might witness the past events from April revisiting us. Pluto will also encourage us to raise our collective consciousness.

Mars Will Be Closest To Earth

On 6th October, Mars will be the closest to Earth. We will feel intensified energies from Mars, which might heighten tensions and/or passions. There’s also a high possibility of extreme weather conditions.

Mars Square Pluto

There are three Mars-Pluto Squares scheduled for this year. On 9th October, Mars will Square Pluto for the second time. Under this Cosmic event, we will witness power abuse and power struggles. The energies unleashed will also encourage people to take action and reclaim what’s theirs. Even in the domestic sphere, the oppressed will rise up.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will go Retrograde under Scorpio. This will lead to an unclear vision. The best thing for us to do is seek the answers within our inner selves. On 3rd November, Mercury will go Direct. This could lead to a lot of confusion.

Super New Moon In Libra

The 16th October Super New Moon in Libra will encourage us to find balance in our personal and collective lives. What we need to understand is that this is the new normal. Accepting this will help us restart our lives. Take solace in creativity under the Libra Super New Moon.

Sun Aligns With Arcturus

On 17th October, the Sun will align with Arcturus. This Cosmic event will follow the Libra Super New Moon, and so, it will help us heal creatively. The Arcturus star will release a ray of blue energy, which will heighten our consciousness and intuition powers.

Scorpio Season

As we move into the season of Scorpio, we will shed our old selves and become new. Scorpio represents rebirth and new beginnings. And so, on 22nd October, we will notice a rush of new energy.

Taurus Blue Moon On Halloween

Blue Moons are as rare as they come. On 31st October, along with the occasion of Halloween, we will also get the Taurus Blue Moon. We will sense heightened spiritual energy levels. It’s the perfect occasion to feel connected with the higher realm.

Take deep breaths and prepare yourself for a jam-packed October 2020.



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