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Cosmic Light Update - GRADUATION is about to begin!! Special New Moon Activation Meditation

Cosmic Light Update - GRADUATION is about to begin!! Special New Moon Activation Meditation

Blessings beautiful Family of Light,

On July 28 we are about to make a big Jump in Consciousness. For those of us who are moving towards the ascension, we are about to experience a beautiful new perspective and shift within our own bodies. Messages from the Angelic Realms is that of Celebration, Accomplishment, and Honor. We are about to begin Graduation out of the Lower and into the Higher Dimensions. If this is where you wish to be, Now is the Moment to make the changes needed to achieve this enlightenment. The New Moon Energies which hold the Leo Vibrations is Strong enough and powerful enough to manifest this desire.

To make this Jump a few things need to be cleared and balanced within the Love vibration. During the New Moon, we need to focus our attention on the upper chakra system.

This is a very special time, and we must understand that to move forward we must begin to see others as we do ourselves. We are all the Same spark from the Infinite Light. This very deep Love is the understanding of the Unconditional Love Light that our Infinite Creator holds. To move closer to that Vibration you must make the choice Now to become a Service to Others mentality. Love is an Action that can only be given to Others. Loving the self is not the same action. By focusing on Love of Self you are actually within the Red Ray of the Root Chakra. You must make the choice to Raise into the Higher vibrations of the Upper Chakras to move into the higher dimensions. Once you have chosen to attempt this ascension, you can take the Next Steps.

During your next several meditations from here until after the New Moon, focus your energies towards the upper chakra centers.

Once you have come to a relaxed state during your meditation, Begin to Visualize The Pink Angel Light Ray, penetrating through your chest and into the Heart Center. You must focus on Love vibration at this Time, and continue to Hold the Love Vibration as we move up through the Higher Chakras. We Then will move up to the Blue Ray and visually see the Blue Ray Clearing the Throat Chakra. Then we move to the Third Eye Chakra Center and visualize the Violet Ray healing our Third Eye. Once we have focused these Beautiful energies we then move just outside of the Body which is the top of the head at the Crown Chakra. We will focus the White Crystalline Ray into our crown Chakra.

Also ,Once you reach the Crown Chakra lock your fingers on top of your head with the Palms facing up. What this will do is help draw in the White Crystalline Light Ray into the Body with more force. This is actually a Symbol that represents the Crown Energy Center. and is Used in ancient Techniques and Practices to achieve Connection with Source Energies.

This Special New Moon Activation Meditation will help us to achieve the energies needed for this graduation.


Small Excerpt from By Nina Kahn