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Cosmic Light Update ~ June 2022~ The NEW STORY is About to Begin, are You Ready?

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Cosmic Light Update ~ June 2022~ The New Story is About to Begin, are You Ready?

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

In May we had the opportunity to experience what it feels like to dive very deep into our inner selves. We have had to let go of all the things that have been holding us back within this Ascension. In many ways, it has felt like walking through mud. But By releasing the sludge we have cleared the path for The New Story to Begin. The Cosmic Light of June that we will be greeted with, are the Energies of Mercury going back direct on the 3rd, and then Saturn going Retrograde on the 4th. This retrograde energy asks us to reflect on our maturity and growth.

So for the first week of June we will be shown what we have transformed within ourselves. This Saturn Retrograde will bring forth the lessons we have already learned and how far we have grown on this spiritual journey. As with any graduation, you are shown just how far you have come. It is a time of celebration. we made it!

After we have broken free of the Old Story, we can open our hearts to allow the New one to Begin.

For the New Story to Begin, it must Start with LOVE.

On June 11 Venus Conjuncts Uranus

Venus and Uranus come together in the sign of Taurus. This will allow us to feel free to become Love. By Becoming Love we express it through action. This Energy will transform or break down any barriers, we may have placed around our hearts. This is the time for us to experience a greater Love within ourselves.

Embracing these energies, and allowing for the healing of the heart chakra, we will bring more joy and peace to our lives. So many people have forgotten how to just Be Love, and share it with Others. The New Story is about Becoming The Love you are meant to be.


On June 14 we will have a Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

Super Full moon means you will feel its energy D