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Cosmic Light Update ~ Transformation Portal Alert! From Dark to Light

We are in the Midst of a Transformation Portal

From July 2nd, which was the eclipse, to The 24th, we are in the midst of the Transformation. July 24th Marks the end of a 13,000 year cycle. The first day of the new Galactic year is July 26th.

What happens during this Shift, into the new cycle?

Change, Reset, Reflection, Faith, and Trust.

Change is often the Hardest Experiences for us to handle. Change often involves something that we don’t want to let go of. Many times it involves great loss in our lives. When the Universe throws us curve balls that change up our lives, it is important to focus on excepting this change within our lives. Many Times we are forced back to having faith and trust in our own inner guidance, The God within.

The God Within Us

Many New Agers choose to claim Atheism, and Call this Spark within us, The SELF. This however is far from truth. This "Spark" is What connects us All.

The Energy Spark that is our Light is the same light That Engulfs this Creation. This Spark is a small piece of a greater Light that is the All.

 If you have ever looked at Nature you can see this Fractal in Everything.

We as the Fractal of our existence, are each a special very needed part of the body of the whole. We are a part of this Grand Existence within the Whole of one Consciousness. There is no separation from the Source. The Source which we Call the Mother-Father, The Prime Creator, the All that is, or very simply, God.

As we learn to except the new changes in our lives, we our clearing out old unneeded programming. As we each do this, the collective will begin to clear as well. Clearing and releasing of old programming and thought patterns, is important to be able to move forward with this transformation.

Cosmic Reset - Change is imminent July 13 opening of the full moon portal.

This Full moon is the Last one of this Galactic year. It’s Energies are in tune with the Transformation of our Earth into the Higher Dimensions. This Reset will affect us at all levels of our existence. As within so without, as above so below.

In this moment of our Ascension we must Reflect on what the Universe is showing us about our best “self”.

Are we being the servant of the Light we claim to be? Are we a Beacon expressing our Light to everyone we meet? If you are being the Light, the Ride through this Transformation will be smooth and easy. If you are resisting change, then this transformation will be a very bumpy ride.

Having Faith and Trust of your inner guidance from God.

Inside each of us, we have a special knowing or intuition that tells us when we are on the right path in life. This Guidance is God, or the Source, showing you of his presence. This Knowing has always been there, even if you never acknowledged it, as being God. Trust in your inner Light, it’s who you really are.

We Love you and we are truly honored to be of service for the light.

Universal Lighthouse


I believe that this video explains the Portal Events Quite Well.



What is the Bigger picture of these Eclipse energies!? It is pretty massive and majorly significant that we understand how huge this event is and what it really represents. This could be the ultimate time of breaking the Mind-control and distortions of our true divine blue-print, finally emerging into the truth of who we REALLY are! We all can be that power to change the World through awakening our true abilities, which can overcome any limiting or destructive Timeline.


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