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Cosmic Light Update ~🌚~The Dark Night of the Soul & The Rising of the Phoenix

Cosmic Light Update ~🌚~The Dark Night of the Soul & The Rising of the Phoenix.

Blessings Dear Family of Light,

Many are experiencing hard times or major shifts in these moments. It is that time of year, for real deep diving exposing our Inner Self. Since the last Full moon on October 20th and the upcoming New moon on Nov 4th, You may have been experiencing what many know as The Dark Night of The Soul.

Not until an individual has gone through a significant dark night of the soul, can they appreciate the bigger picture.

The Dark Night of the Soul experience may be felt as a period of hopelessness, depression and melancholy; like a spiritual deprivation of sorts. It can be a time of feeling the loss of meaning in life, out-of-touch with the Divine, feeling betrayed or forsaken by Life, and having no solid or stable ground to stand on. While the Dark Night of the Soul isn’t the same as regular depression, it can be thought of as a spiritual depression, or existential form of crises that may not be cured with therapy or psychiatry. by

However, The New Moon Brings with it, the Rising from the Darkness, or what many know as The Rising of The Phoenix. The Energies of this New moon will also bring New Beginnings, Where the Phoenix transforms into the Dove.

The symbol of the Phoenix rivals the Eagle as the highest and most esteemed expression of Scorpio energy. The Phoenix, of course, is the mythic Grecian bird who is reborn from ashes.

Many have been experiencing very difficult things in our Lives that are emotionally hard to deal with. So, during this transformation period, it is good to focus on staying in the Heart Space and being of Service to Others. This keeps us in our Highest Light possible.

New Moon in Scorpio on 4th November 2021.

Emergence. Scorpio has a reputation of being dark and hidden akin to malevolence and the macabre. I want to shatter that thought completely and expose this idea as the most extreme shadow side of Scorpio. Scorpio energy when wielded with wisdom and grace is transformational. Its the most powerful sign of the zodiac, offering the willing recipient capabilities of self-discipline, determination, and a burning desire to rise from those ashes that have laid cold and forgotten. The New Moon in Scorpio is a powerful time of the year as it offers us all the opportunity to once and for all face those hidden fears and feelings we have within ourselves. These fears and feelings keep us grounded to the past and cause untold damage to our ability to soar and become the best versions of ourselves.

“On this day the Sun and Moon meet in the sky in the same zodiac sign. They rise and set at the same time, aligning their energies and their vibration. We don’t see the moon with our naked eye, although she is still there. This is the darkest time of the lunar cycle. Darkness has often been seen as a negative period, but it is neither positive nor negative. Darkness represents the void from which all life emerges from”. * Spirit Daughter

Most of our shadows (hidden fears and feelings) were formed when we were children and often act out in us as we grow and become adults. Have you ever had an emotional experience that didn’t warrant the situation? If so, it’s most likely a deep wound or shadow from your past that has been triggered. What if we could take our shadows and bring them to the light? What if we could face those hidden memories of the past that cause us pain, and allow them to rise within us for release? If you are a native-born Scorpio, your skill set includes the ability to keep these feelings and fears locked and unmoveable. Yet, you also hold the key. Scorpio energy can take you down into the depths of your fears for transformation to take place. It is the Scorpion that transforms to the Phoenix and eventually to the Dove. Be brave and face those challenging memories that trigger you, seek help from a trusted friend or therapist and begin your healing journey. What magnificent things await you? I can’t wait to see your rise.

Suggestions for You to Do During the New Moon in Scorpio

  • Journal when you are triggered by an event;

  • Look at recycling old clothes you no longer wear;

  • If it is in your belief system; pray to feel the truth within you;

  • Observe your reactions when interacting with groups of people. This will give you an insight into your own biases. Note any major reactions in the body;

  • Share your secrets with someone else;

  • Forgive someone;

  • Try a new routine that rattles your comfort zone

Excerpt from

A transformative and bewitching new moon is over the horizon, but rest assured, its perplexing energy is not for the faint of heart. As you may know, the new moon phase presents us with an opportunity to re(new) our inner world; this is equivalent to an emotional reset, and a new beginning. When transiting through a fixed water sign such as Scorpio, however, this particular lunar phase will simultaneously challenge us—both as individuals and as a collective—to confront the darker parts of ourselves. Keeper of secrets and everything lurking beneath the surface, the essence of Scorpio is symbolic of death,renewal, and unseen forces.

Partaking in shadow work is definitely easier said than done, but there is no better time to start than now. Although, come to think of it, there’s really nowhere to hide with so many planets traveling through fixed signs. What I mean by that is, the sun, moon, and Mars are in Scorpio; Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius, while Uranus continues its journey through Taurus. For those of you wondering, the fixed modality is notorious for its ruthless stubbornness, but by that same token, it can remain contained and steadily focused on its objective which is respectable. For instance, fixed signs—Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius—have the ability to sustain the magic of their element, whether that be earth, fire, air and/or water. In the particular case of Scorpio, however, its fixed water has the power to unveil, probe, and penetrate through the mysterious depths that exist within our emotional undercurrents, as well as the unseen motives of others. This is important to keep in mind during this time, especially with three heavenly bodies conjugating in the mystifying sign of Scorpio.

Whether it be individually and/or collectively speaking, the tension and upheaval is almost inevitable. However, before you stress the series of potential outcomes, stay grounded and remember it’s all happening in our favor.

We’re all leveling up, and something’s gotta give.

It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a massive shift, but rest assured, there are more than a few shocking secrets that are bound to resurface in the process. The good news is, Mercury will be in harmony with expansive Jupiter which, in turn, enlightens and motivates us to look towards the future with hope.

New Moon in Scorpio Horoscope and Affirmation according to your zodiac sign.

Aries. An electric new moon will touch down on your intimate eighth house of sex, mergers, shared resources, and energetic exchanges today, bringing emphasis to themes surrounding the “give and take” that exist within your one-on-one partnerships. And with your red-hot planetary ruler in close proximity to the sun and moon, there is intense passion and super strength available when it comes down to your commitments. Luna’s opposition to rebellious Uranus—via your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and value systems—could catch you off guard, but not if you’re open to exploring your options in the process.

New Moon Affirmation: I am consciously aware of my self-worth and personal power; my energy is exclusive.

Taurus. A supercharged lunation will bring new beginnings to your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, highlighting everything from the foundation of a romantic partnership to the reciprocity between you, and your business alliances. Meanwhile, Luna’s opposition to freedom-loving Uranus in your sign could be the reason why you suddenly find yourself having a change of heart. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on the value of your current connections. Are they trustworthy? Is your relationship on solid ground? Mars continues to energize this area of your chart, so competitiveness is almost inevitable.

New Moon Affirmation: The individual freedom I seek is a reflection of the boundaries I set for myself.

Gemini. Your day-to-day lifestyle is about to change. For instance, a powerful new moon will ignite your responsible sixth house of wellness, daily rituals, and due diligence, bringing new beginnings and spiritual fertility to themes surrounding your current schedule, acts of service, and general mindfulness. What is your idea of productivity? With Uranus revolutionizing your twelfth house of unconscious energies, this is also an opportunity for you to break free from patterns that have been limiting your potential. Although, with red-hot Mars in the mix, you could find yourself obsessively preoccupied with something that isn’t necessarily in your control. Take it easy.

New Moon Affirmation: My higher self is guiding me towards my highest good; I am transforming.

Cancer. Express yourself, don’t repress yourself. A brilliant new moon in your sister-sign, Scorpio, will ignite your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and creatrix musings, bringing transformative new beginnings to themes surrounding everything from your love language, to your artistic expression. Your idea of fulfillment is also being highlighted during this time, but Luna’s opposition to freedom-loving Uranus could trigger some unexpected challenges when in regards to your social circles. Cultivate balance, but don’t lose sight of what’s in your heart of hearts. Venus’ last dance in your sixth house of due diligence brings forth the opportunity to indulge in something you love, even if your freedom comes with a price.

New Moon Affirmation: I open my heart to new experiences; it is my compass when stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Leo. You know it’s Scorpio season when you suddenly can’t help but feel the need to retreat, and build a fort around your sanctuary. Having said that, this year’s new moon in the same sign will touch down on your domestic fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings, but it will simultaneously make an opposition to rebellious Uranus in the process. Experiencing a shift in your professional life? You and I both know it’s been a long time coming, but there’s some work that needs to be done in the home front before you embark on this new journey. For some, the erratic essence of Uranus could shake things up a bit in your personal life, so the key is to find firm footing. More importantly, don’t hesitate to lean on your loved ones for support, even if that means rekindling the relationship you had once upon a time.

New Moon Affirmation: When all else fails, my ancestors and guides keep me grounded; I am safe and eternally loved.

Virgo. Happy new moon in Scorpio. Glimmering through your curious third house of communication, thought process, and immediate exchanges, this lunation is presenting you with an opportunity to communicate, discover, and dig for the answers you’ve been seeking. For some of you, this lunation is about collaborating and/or partaking in community affairs. The catch? Luna’s opposition to freedom-loving Uranus could create an emotional tug-of-war, especially when it comes to your worldly ventures and general belief systems. You could be reluctant to embark on something that doesn’t necessarily align with your vision, but Luna is asking you to reconsider. Keep in mind, Mars will also be in the mix, so steer away from combative debates and manipulation.

New Moon Affirmation: My perception and thought process is experiencing a high-vibrational metamorphosis.

Libra. You’re focusing on your pentacle, and making yourself a priority. This is especially true when considering this year’s Scorpio new moon hovering over your security-seeking second house of comfort, money-making abilities, and sense of stability. However, in addition to having audacious Mars—celestial ruler of your relationship sector—in the mix, Luna will simultaneously make an opposition to rebellious Uranus via your eighth house of mergers. This could, in turn, shake things up when it comes to the dynamic of your intimate unions. Is this investment, source of income, and/or relationship worthy of your time and energy? With Mercury in your sign, not to mention in harmony with expansive Jupiter, you have the mindset and vision to make things work successfully. New Moon Affirmation: My ability to depend on another stems from the way I depend on myself; I recognize and honor my value.

Scorpio. A new era awaits you, Scorpio. This year’s transformative new moon in your sign is nothing short of extraordinary, despite the undeniable challenges that may come along with it. You’re stepping into a brand new version of you, and beginning a new chapter in the process. The key is to follow your intuition, especially since erratic Uranus will be making a direct opposition to both the sun and moon in your sign. Expect the unexpected when it comes to the dynamic of your one-on-one relationships. Fortunately, a sweet trine between Mercury in your secretive twelfth house of unconscious patterns, and Jupiter via your fourth house of ancestral lineage, brings forth some much-needed enlightenment, so pay attention. It’s time to reclaim your power.

New Moon Affirmation: I am stepping into an era of transformation and abundance; no one can take my power away.

Sagittarius. You’re letting go, and surrendering to the flow of the universe. A new moon in cathartic Scorpio will touch down on your secretive twelfth house of closure, dreams, karma, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, bringing new beginnings to your relationship with spirit. Keep in mind, erratic Uranus will simultaneously make an opposition to the sun and moon, amidst activating your sixth house, which challenges you to revisit unhealthy habits and secret coping mechanisms that aren’t serving you. For some, the presence of Uranus could disturb your desire for peace and solitude, but this continues to be an opportunity for you to transmute the darkness into light, both in your personal and professional life. It’s a matter of going deep.