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Dark to Light Episode #003 - With Guest David Icke

DAVID ICKE Joins Laura Eisenhower and David Rodriguez on DARK TO LIGHT

David Icke Info:

He calls himself a "full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world"

He wrote more than 20 books and lectured all over the world

In 1990, David Icke was a TV sports presenter at BBC when a psychic told him that he was born for a purpose and that he will receive messages from the spirit.

He self-published lots of books, as his publisher refused to, because of their New Age conspiracism ideas

In his books he stresses that our leaders descend from the Babylonian Brotherhood - shapeshifting reptilian humanoids (Anunnaki, a race from the Draco constellation) who are leading us towards a New World Order - a huge fascist state

The reptilians have one goal - to keep us locked in the "five-sense prison" that we perceive as reality. This way, we can't evolve spiritually

He insists that we should question everything the "system" has to offer - politics, health care, education, church

His most important books: The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World, Phantom Self, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More, The Perception Deception, Infinite Love Is the Only Truth, Children of the Matrix.