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Decoding The Downloads and Integrating the Upgrades #Gnosticism

Decoding The Downloads and Integrating the Upgrades

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

We finally made it through the 11 11 portal and are now decoding and integrating the downloads and upgrades received during this amazing cosmic Event. This has been a hard few days for many. Whatever was holding you back in this ascension, showed itself and was brought to Light, during this event. This was a massive transformative doorway that has totally changed everything for Our Family of Light. In these moments We are now experiencing The calm or Settling period after the storm. Each time we make it through a Cosmic Event it alters our consciousness levels which is the Upgrades needed going into the Next Phase of our ascension. We also received Downloads or Codes that alter our DNA and integrate us into the Higher Vibrations of Light. To receive these enhancements you must have made a real effort to remove the negative that was holding you back. If you didn't remove it after it was brought forward during this important Light Doorway, it will continue to fester and destroy any positive that you may be trying to manifest.

When we are told to Let go of all that does not serve us in the Higher vibration, it means to transform the negative vibrations that are plaguing our Mind. Anger, Jealousy, insecurity, hatred, greed, selfishness, Fear, being of controlling nature, or any other negative way of being will block you from your Highest potential. Doing the Inner work is of upmost importance in your ascension process. You must remove these negative Vibrations to allow the Higher Light to transform your being into that of a Light Based Crystalline Body to withstand the Light spectrum of the higher 4th and 5th dimensions. Only by releasing the negative within your mindset allows your consciousness to expand and grow in Light.

Those still stuck in Fear can not escape The Matrix. Most people still Play the 3D game of Politics or Religion thinking that is what is going to save them when that is what has trapped them.

The dark ones have played their cards very well. Everything that is within the 3D matrix was setup to deceive and enslave the masses. The Deceptions have even leaked into the Lightworker communities, Blocking them from their true ascension process. We must remember That our Ascension into Higher Light has Nothing to do with Politics or even Religion. They are Both control systems that are meant to deceive you into a false Light and total enslavement within the lower 4th dimension. I am being guided by Christos to disclose that The True light comes from the Infinite Source and resides within each of us as a spark of Pure Consciousness. This is where the true awakening transcends us beyond the Need for a Saviour. This is the True Christ Consciousness that is your piece of the Infinite Consciousness that is our God Source. Within the Nag Hammadi Codices, we learn that Jesus lived on this Earth 11 Years after he was crucified on the Cross. His Death and resurrection wasn't what Saved Humanity, it was the Teachings that he brought forth within these writings. When Jesus referred to himself as Christ, He was referring to the Higher Consciousness. He called his followers Christians Because he was teaching them to be Christ-Like, or to achieve the Higher Understanding of his teachings. This was the true salvation and true meaning of Christianity, To become Christ Like. The Concept of Salvation has been totally distorted by the church, making Jesus's Murder the Focus of Salvation. Jesus's Teachings were about becoming Like Him, Doing as he did, and being in total Service to Others. This is the real Salvation out of the Matrix and into the Higher dimensions according to Jesus' real Teachings. To Become enlightened by his Truth, we do as he did. The Modern depiction of Christianity is the exact opposite of The True Teachings of Jesus. Religions have been a tool of the Dark for centuries to stop people from Looking inside their own selves and Finding the True God, the Source of all that is. Your Ascension out of the Matrix is all up to you, No One is going to save you from your own Demons. No One is going to wipe your sins Clean. Only you can do that by Becoming Christ-Like and doing your own inner work.

Once we have cleared ourselves of the negative vibrations based in Fear, we are able to actually Decode The Downloads and Integrate the Upgrades that we receive through the cosmic events sent to us by the divine. This is done by staying Calm and finding the Peace within yourself, and allowing the God Source within to Brighten your Light, and this is Best done through Meditation. Our Growth in Consciousness depends on our ability to Let Go of what does not serve us in the Higher Light. This is the true ascension process and your True salvation and boost into the Higher dimensions. Jesus can Not save you from your own evil, but he has shown us the way to transform it, By becoming a servant of the infinite Light and that is being in total service to humanity and this Earth, based in Love.

and so it is and it is so,

In so much Love and Light,