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Do You Believe In Dragons? ~ Palaeontologists discover a dragon’s skull in South Dakota

Most people think that dragons are merely the stuff of myths and fairy tales. However, a discovery made by a team of palaeontologists at the Hell Creek formation in North West South Dakota might cast doubt on this long held assumption. The team uncovered an incredible, almost completely intact skull of a reptilian like creature that bears a resemblance to the classic image of a dragon. Could this suggest that dragons really did roam the Earth at some point in the distant past?

The discovery and preparation of a one-of-a-kind fossil

The dinosaur was discovered by Brian Buckmeier and brothers Steve and Pat Saulsbury, all from Sioux City, Iowa. They found the remains of Dracorex during a fossil collecting trip in the Hell Creek Formation of central South Dakota. It was Steve Saulsbury who first suggested that they donate their new find. Steve fondly recalled taking his daughter Alexandra to the museum when he and his family lived in Indianapolis during his residency at Indiana University Hospital in the early 1990s. Steve talked to the others, and they soon agreed the museum would be the perfect home for this specimen. The trio donated their discovery to the museum in late 2004. When Dracorex came to the museum it was still in the plaster field jacket.

Dracorex is a controversial dinosaur genus of the family Pachycephalosauridae, from the Late